Science Finds Men Behave Differently To Break Ups

Breakups hurt and they take a lot of time to get over. According to statistics, by the age of 30, an individual goes through an average of 2 to 3 breakups. Most of us believe that men are good at hiding their feelings and masking their sad expressions because we think men are tough and stronger than women and they don’t need emotional support or reliance. But, that’s actually not true.

Most of the men out there deal with hurt in a different way. They may be able to subdue what they feel, but they can hardly control their emotions. Recent research was carried out and it showed mind-blowing results. Breakups take a lot more toll on a man’s emotional well-being than a woman’s.

We might think that men never show their emotions because they are potent and seemingly tough, but that’s mainly because they conceal what they feel, but they can’t actually control their overflowing emotions research was carried out in two colleges of the United Kingdom, namely University of Binghamton and University College London. In this research, men and women were divided into equal halves on the basis of their response to breakups.

Breakups are a nightmare for both of the individuals in a relationship. The pain penetrates deep down and we feel helpless. For men, though, the pain is similar to venom spreading through their body, affecting every single nerve. The most common thing we observe is that when breakups do happen, it strikes a woman from the get-go. She feels the most pain during the start, she shatters to a million pieces, but slowly starts to recover as time goes on. For men, on the other hand, the pain and realization do not strike them at first, they tend to suppress their emotions by not feeling anything at all.

Over time, this feeling boils up and reaches a point of no return. From there, a man loses control over his emotions and is struck with the painful realization and that hurts them even more. Women, because they rely on emotional support, talk their pain out, whether that be to a friend or a therapist. The pain is lifted off the chest and they make quicker pace towards the road of healing.

Men, on the contrary, don’t like to rely on anyone and they mostly keep their feelings to their selves, that’s why it takes longer for them to heal. Craig Morris, from Binghamton, says that women have a great role in investing in a relationship more than men, that’s why it primarily affects women more. When a man finally breaks down after losing his girl, it is just natural for him to do so, because he is a human being, after all. The realization of a breakup comes late to a man and it takes time for him to come to terms with it, because to a man, it symbolizes an actual loss.

After a breakup, both individuals go through some grieving time, and the pace of finally getting over it is different for both sexes. It’s almost similar to overcoming an addiction. A healthy and loving relationship is the key to most of the satisfaction an individual needs, according to Lucy Brown at Einstein College of medicine. When breakups occur, men will not feel the pain right away and they even might pretend as nothing happened, but over time, the painful feelings hit them hard and they become helpless and vulnerable. This is because men are more focused on realizing the end of physical satisfaction after a breakup rather than embracing the pain of loss.

Women might think that their exes are long over them, but in reality, men never heal from this pain. For a woman, a breakup signifies a lot of positive changes in her life, such as feeling independent and stronger, but for men, they nest negative behaviors in their life for a long time. Since one wrong move in a sexually intimate relationship can lead to life-changing instances, women are naturally gifted to quickly get over the emotional pain and move on with their lives