Science Says: Men Who Marry Plus-Size Women Are Happier

For a long time, women who are plus-size have been pushed to the side for what men consider the ‘perfect figure.’ Many men have found bigger women to be less desirable, and they tend to focus on finding more slim women to marry. Well, science reveals that men who chase smaller women could be missing out on a better life. Being with a plus-size woman could make a man way happier, and they don’t even realize it.

People have always focused a negative light on plus-size women. Society has painted a picture of how a woman should look, and if their bodies look different are criticized for it. If you are overweight, even by a little, you are considered lazy and unattractive.

However, society has been proven wrong. Research that was done by scientists showed that men who choose be with bigger women have much more fulfilled and happy lives as opposed to those who are with skinny women.

They have great personalities

Plus-size women have out of this world personalities. If you get to know them for who they are, you’ll love them. Plus-size women tend to be more understanding and open to people, making them very easy to talk to. They are secure in who they are.

Cuddle bugs

Full figured women love to cuddle. They are very affectionate to their men and give warm hugs. Curvy women are known to be less aggressive in relationships and would rather talk things through than yell at their men.

No one likes a diet

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach— It’s no secret that men like to eat. Full figured women know what good food is, and they aren’t afraid to eat with their men! Many skinny women are constantly worried about their figure, so they restrict foods they eat, but plus-size women are down to try a wide variety of foods.


Plus-size women go out of their way to make their men feel secure. Voluptuous women know that not every man can handle them. They spend a lot of time looking for the perfect man who can appreciate all of their beauty, and when they find that man, they do all that it takes to keep him happy and secure.


As stated above, plus-size women do whatever it takes to make their man happy. This includes giving them time to themselves to have their own lives too. Bigger women often know exactly what they want out of life and know that in relationships it is great to be together, but everyone needs space to discover themselves.

They’re fun

Men like to spend their lives with a woman who they can laugh with. Chubby women have the best sense of humor. They love to spend their time laughing rather than stressing out or arguing. If you end up with a chubby woman, you will forever be laughing.

They’re not annoying

Plus-size women don’t annoy you with silly questions about whether or not they’re getting fat, or if an outfit looks good on them. While they love to hear compliments from their men, they do not need compliments to validate their self-esteem.

Not materialistic

It’s usually the women who wear clothes that show it all off, and who must be the center of attention at all times that are materialistic. Plus-size women dress to their figure and don’t need attention or big gifts to feel loved. They don’t need to show it all off to the world and are usually happy with just having a date night in, with a home-cooked meal. Full figured women know how to appreciate the little things in life, and the little thoughtful things are what mean most to her.

Science has proven that men who end up with plus-size women live much happier and more fulfilled lives. They can live comfortably, and they don’t have to change their ways to please a picky woman. There are so many reasons to end up with a plus-size woman. It’s time to think outside of the norm and date someone that you never thought you would. You might feel better than you ever have before!

This article is not to hate on skinny women, but to show that big women have it all and then some too! Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful in their own way!