Science Says There Is A Scientific Reason That Men Send You Those Unwelcome Pics

If you own a phone, have Facebook messenger and any or all of the other phone apps, chances are you have received at least one of the infamous d*cktures.

If you’re lucky you might get a “Hello” or a “Hi, how are you?” before that “picture” arrives.

The phoner boner is, without doubt, the most unwelcome pic you will receive, even worse is when they proceed with a “slugfest” thinking you would like to see “it” in different poses and lighting.

News update guys, we really don’t want to see it!

It’s a universally despised act!

It’s no help at all really that now science has stepped in with an answer as to why guys do this.

Dr Justin Lehmiller, the author of The Psychology of Human Sexuality, found patterns in male behaviour. 

There is an assumption that if women engage in friendly conversation we are sexually interested and it’s a green light to send those pics.

Dr Justin Lehmiller says that “exhibitionism is a big part in the male behavior and that this type of behavior is not just reserved for “guys who flash strangers”, he says, but “can also occur online or on the phone”.

The exhibitionist penis pap might be having a hard job forming relationships and will send dick pics in an attempt to grasp at intimacy.

There is according to science a bias in “sexual misinterpretation” and a mass of uncontrollable egos.

Because of this, if you are a woman and inadvertently make eye contact in real life, or comment on a page post or group environment, you are initiating sex.

Oh, please I think not!

I had to turn off messaging to my writer Facebook page due to the influx of the dreaded “dick pics”

I mean really!!! Why would you think I’d want to see “it” is the question?

Lehmiller says that research in evolutionary psychology calls this “error management theory”.

It’s just a nice way of saying men will ignore the signs a woman is not remotely interested in him and having sex with him, so he pushes the boundaries anyway.

Sending those pics will not increase the odds of you getting laid.

It will reduce them dramatically, and it will just prove that you’re a dick.