Scientists Reveal That Redheads Are Really Genetic Superheroes

A scientific study revealed some incredible findings regarding redheads.

Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population is true red-heads? Many people dye their hair red, but not many are true red headed superheroes.

Around 140 million people worldwide are true red-heads. Apart from their distinguished appearance, they have some unique biological advantages that make them true superheroes. They are usually looked at funny by society, however, they possess certain qualities that are extremely rare to find.

The body of a red-headed person is capable of overcoming difficult conditions. Due to the presence of MC1R gene mutation, they have a different DNA which assists them in tolerating much more pain and difficulties than a normal person.

While you might feel embarrassed that you’re what many people call a “ginger.” The truth is, you’re unique and you should celebrate this. After all, there are some very well-known and amazing celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Julianne Moree, Jessica Chastain with red hair. Fifteen of the best fictional characters of Disney such as princess Merida and Ariel are in the red-headed group as well.

Not only do redheads make up two percent of the world population, but they have better abilities to bear the pain and need lower vitamin D to function properly than the average person.

Why do scientists say that redheads are heroes?

Redheads are able to produce the chemical pheomelanin and they possess MC1R gene mutation which helps them in resisting pain. In comparison to an average human, redheads handle various body conditions more effectively. Not only redheads are super resilient, but It was also found in scientific research that redheads need more anesthesia during surgeries in comparison to the other people.

One of the best qualities associated with redheads is that they have fewer chances of getting grey hair. So they are able to look younger for longer. Very few of them get grey hair.

Another research study revealed that most of the red-headed population is left-handed. However, the reason behind this trait is not disclosed yet.

Redheads are also found to have more vitamin D, which is actually a superpower. This ability helps in surviving in low light conditions better, in comparison to the other humans. However, they are not able to absorb excessive vitamin D through the sun. This diverse capability is originated from the lack of eumelanin in the body.

So, what else makes them a superhero? Let us tell you about the sub-types of the redheads, which will leave you astonished. The sub-types include copper, blonde, ginger and, burnt orange. There is even a two-day celebration for the redheads in the crowning in the dutch culminates which is known as Roodharigendag. This celebration lasts for two days every year in the month of September.

One of the weirdest facts associated with redheads is that bees are attracted to them. When bees look at red hair, they see it as giant red flower and want to attain nectar from it. Aren’t you surprised? We actually find it pretty hilarious and funny too.

It was also found from a recent study that redheads are resistant to cancer too. It was evaluated that Redheaded men are less likely to have prostate cancer. To be precise, the population of cancer resistant red-headed men is 54%.

If you’re a redhead you might pass the red hair genes to the next generation due to the MC1R genes. So, you might have someone with red hair down the line of your family tree in a completely random order.

A lesser-known Greek myth is that redheads are vampires, However, this myth is not true at all. Most of the red-headed people are extremely intelligent, witty and now they are considered superheroes too.