She Says She Is Your Friend, Yet She Behaves With Pure Evil Intent Against You

It is very common to have this urge of knowing whether someone is purely evil or is just too difficult to get along with. Most of the time, people are just too hard to get along with, other times they possess evil intentions for the people around them. How can you identify these selected individuals around you before they cause harm?

Is your friend really your friend or are they evil with their intentions for you.

Here are 13 personality traits that have been extracted after ongoing research to help identify these evil minds around you:


Have you ever wondered how that coworker of yours tends to talk negatively about your boss behind their back, but acts all warm and welcoming once he faces him? This is the most commonly seen trait in criminals, manipulators and serial killers and shows just how a person can be the cause of harm for you without you realizing it.

Not telling the full story:

In an attempt to establish your trust and maintain their reputation, these people can cut away certain information from the actual happening and make you believe their side of the story. They tend to create loopholes in the story and the sequence of events seem to be far from reality.

Unable to face reality: 

People who are evil by nature have a problem facing the present situation. They can twist plots and mold the sequence of events in a certain way that is far from what actually happened.

Warped truths: 

These people are serial liars, and just like mentioned above, they tend to wrap up the truth into their own fictitious thinking, which means you will never be able to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

No remorse: 

Often impossible, but if for once they do get caught for their dangerous actions, they rarely exhibit signs of guilt and sorrow towards the actions they committed. They rarely admit whether they did something wrong and repentance is often not a word in their dictionary.


These two-faced folks tend to cloak their true side and their intentions away from people for as long as they can. They like to put the best version of themselves up front so they can gain other peoples confidence easily.

Lying always lying:

Whether it’s the innocent lying, or just sugar-coating some facts up, these people are compulsive liars and lying about the facts and the real truth is just ingrained into their personality.


Originality and reliability are the key traits these wicked people clearly lack. They tend to stick around only if it seems beneficial to them, they are truly disconnected from the emotions that others might experience and that’s what makes them fake.

Responsibility plague:

These immoral people have no intentions of bearing the heavyweight of responsibilities and dutifulness upon their shoulders. They will do anything to rid themselves of unnecessary roles.


This is the key trait across all irresponsible and immoral people, they are masters at manipulation and fooling other innocent folks out of selfishness and self-benefit.

Two lives: 

Researchers in social sciences have concluded that these evil beings tend to portray two different lifestyles in an attempt to fool people to gain their trust. They never exhibit their real side to anyone. A common example can be your next-door neighbor who might be involved in a string of murders and robberies.


Most of these people can not stand other people going beyond them in other walks of life. It is hard for them to gulp down your success and attainments, and that’s why they can very mischievously distract you from your true purpose in life. Always keep a watch out!


Trigger alert: Control freaks! The last but not the least sign of immoral mindsets is their urge to establish a certain hold around other peoples lives. They will unnecessarily meddle into your business and will constantly inquire details about your personal commitments that are not theirs to know