Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Send You A Message

There are hundreds of theories concerning the afterlife. Some people believe and others think it’s a load of crap.

We all wonder what happens after we die; do we just cease to exist or does our soul move on to another life or are we left in limbo.

Many have spoken of near-death experiences and seeing a light or seeing loved ones telling them it is not their time. There have been claims that people see this due to the lack of oxygen whereas others prefer to believe what they have seen is the afterlife.

All through time, there have been stories of people receiving messages or signs from a loved one who has passed. Some find it frightening even threatening whilst others find comfort in believing their loved one is still around and watching over them.

There are many ways that a loved one will try and make contact with you:

You Can Sense Their Presence:

This usually shows itself by a sudden drop in temperature either close to you or the whole room. The air tends to feel heavy and there is a stillness, some have even said it is as if time stood still as they hear no noise and they lose time. They even feel a slight touch which leaves an icy cold feeling on their skin.

Lights Flicker and Electronic Devices Act Up:

Lights turn on and off or flicker as if you are about to have a power cut, this is where they are absorbing the energy to make contact with you. TV’s turn on and off or freeze. You may find your phone and laptop that was fully charged lose all battery power. If your TV or radio is on you may experience the volume going up and down, or you lose all sound but are left with white noise.

You Dream About Them:

They appear in your dreams and this is usually because they have a message for you and are trying to tell you something that they feel you need to know as soon as possible. Often these are written off as just dreams or that because of your loss and you are still grieving it is wishful thinking, whether you pay attention to your dreams is a personal choice.

Familiar Scents:

You enter a room and you find it filled with your loved one’s scent and you know no one else in the home wears it. They leave a scent to let you know they are close by you and protecting you. They tend to use scent when they want you to know straight away without any doubt they are there.

The Sudden Appearance of Random Things:

Objects such as feathers are one of the most common signs that a loved one is close by you. They also move things around and you end up looking for hours sometimes days thinking it has been misplaced for it to only turn up in a totally different place to where you would normally put it.

You Just Feel and Know They Are With You:

Some people just know without any real signs that a loved one is close by; they can sense them more often known as the 6th sense. Perhaps you feel more peaceful a d calm when before you felt stress or anger. They are trying to comfort you and show you support just as they did when they were alive.

Next time you feel any of these signs know that you are loved and protected.