Signs That You’re On The Brink Of An Emotional Breakdown

Emotional breakdowns are as devastating as they sound. However, not everyone tends to understand their significance. They come from the suffering of emotional turmoil; being unable to control the intensity of a situation.

You might not be able to prevent it, but understanding how to manage an emotional breakdown protects from the damaging aftereffects of the breakdown. Since such situations can set you off your calendar for a few weeks or maybe a few years, depending upon how the circumstances were handled.

You don’t have to be uninformed.

Acknowledge the fact that when an emotional breakdown is foreseen, it will definitely come. It will come, and it may or may not cause you a long-term problem. Consider it an avalanche — It will come with its full blow, but depending on how well you’re prepared for it and how well you deal with it, it will either make you stronger or break you apart.

Warning signs.

Fortunately, owing to the connection between your emotions and mind, you will be cautioned by your body signs before the breakdown sets off. If you experience the following signs in your body, be prepared!

You lose focus.

One of the early signs of an emotional break down is that your mind becomes unable to concentrate, and you’re left confused and weary. You’ll have trouble understanding your thoughts and emotions. This will keep on adding up making it more difficult to focus and organize your thoughts.

You start becoming involved in high-risk behavior.

While you might be unaware of your acts and their consequences, some of your actions may affect your future. Behaviors such as reckless spending, having unprotected sex or other wild activities are the hallmark, according to psychologists, of an impending emotional breakdown.

Irregular sleeping pattern.

Noticing changes in your sleeping pattern is also a typical warning sign. You may either be suffering from hypersomnia or insomnia, with exhaustion while you’re awake. Sleeping at the wrong times or waking up periodically during your sleep might be linked to problems such as emotional breakdowns.

You’re overdosing on substances.

Finding support in all the wrong things such as substance abuse, or unprescribed medications could also be used as a hint. It shows that you’re likely to use substances as crutches to escape the pain or run away from the inevitable emotional breakdown.

You’re feeling serious anxiety.

Feeling anxious and off lately? Blowing up on the minutest things and tiniest of issues? Don’t feel like waking up in the morning? Well, you might be on the way to an emotional breakdown. It’s a sign you need to drive your attention to as it may hint a bigger problem.

You lose your temper quickly.

Feeling emotional stress might come off as a bad temper. Our tolerance is decreased and the inability to control our emotions might result in snapping at people for the tiniest of their mistakes. Distancing yourself from your loved ones due to the rage you feel building inside of you implies that something is obviously wrong with you. Do not ignore it!

You feel lonely.

Feeling left out and pulling away from your close friends and family is a sign of the emotional stress and inability to handle the situation. You’re most likely to distance yourself from those who care about you when you’re on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

You cry a lot.

Letting out your emotions in the form of tears is usually when you’re done being strong for a long time. You might have uncontrollable weeping in the most unexpected situations and you will find it difficult to stop the crying and compose yourself. When this happens, you need to calm yourself and seek professional help.

Disturbed eating pattern.

Just like disturbed sleep, you might be witnessing disturbed hunger. Overeating at times or starving for long intervals, is also a chief indicator of something wrong with your body. Stress eating is a commonly attributed to those who tend to overeat in order to prevent feeling what they’re experiencing.

Your body feels numb.

When you’re starting to feel emotionally disconnected to your surroundings, this is the point to realize you’re going to have an emotional breakdown soon and prepare yourself beforehand. You might be feeling numb all over before eventually, your emotions burst out. Try to figure out a reason for the turbulence in your emotions and get immediate professional help and self-evaluate.

Your mind is shutting down.

When you’re unable to deal with what is happening in your surroundings or inside of you, and you’re shutting down instead of solving problems, this reflects that you need to take control of your situation and work through it. The emotional mess is what’s hindering your normal activities and your peace. Don’t succumb to the situation and work your way out of it.


The usual willingness to wake up and move out of bed is lost. You tend to lose the motivation to strive and enjoy your life and you feel lazy. You find it difficult or sometimes sluggishly complete even minor tasks that you used to be so good at. The drive and desire are lost, that’s a sign of an impending emotional breakdown.

Lastly, let it happen. As much as we fear the coming emotional breakdown, we need to realize that you can’t stop it from coming. You have to embrace it with open arms and learn to manage your symptoms. Seeking professional help also aids in understanding your emotions and make you better capable of controlling the situation.

You’re stronger than you think. Keep going and eventually, you’re going to pull through. Better things await. Don’t lose hope.