Signs You Have Found Your Forever Person

Everyone dreams of finding their soulmate, that one person who they can be truly open and honest with, who accepts them for who they are and loves them unconditionally.

10 Signs That You’re Actually Face To Face With Your Soulmate:

You both support one another.

Your soulmate will be your biggest fan, cheering you on to follow your hopes and dreams they build you up and never tear you down and this works both ways which is why the relationship works so well for you both.

You can talk to one another about anything.

There is no judgment between you both, you can say whatever you are thinking and feeling with no fear of being viewed as crazy or a pain in the ass. They will listen to you and calm your fears.

You can sense the connection.

There is this invisible connection between you both, its like there is this piece of thread with you both at either end that is unbreakable.

You can see it in their eyes.

You can sense how important you are to them and you feel the same way about them. This person is ‘your person’.

You feel like you’ve known one another forever.

You have a feeling that you have always known them even if you have never met before, the pull of being together is strong, its like the planets and fate had you both in mind long before either of you were even born.

You can both speak without words.

You know what each other is thinking without saying a word. Your body language speaks for you.

You inspire each other.

You inspire each other which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Being inspirational is a gift that not everyone has even if they try, whereas for you two is comes naturally.

You both feel safe when you’re together.

You feel safe with each other, you protect each other from others if need be.

You couldn’t imagine life without this person.

The thought of life without them terrifies you, the connection is so deep and you know life without them would be unbearable.

You accept this person’s flaws without question.

Everyone has flaws that is human nature, instead of holding that against each other as some do, you both embrace each other’s flaws and help each other to grow.

Having a soulmate is an amazing experience, we all search for that kind of love as we know that is the kind of love we want.