Signs You Love Someone That Doesn’t Deserve You

You never realize the worth of something until you lose it. However, there are some people who might never appreciate you after you are gone. They consider you an option, a backup plan, and a temporary escape. They are self-centered and egotistical people who are only attracted to the materialistic benefits associated with people. They will never prioritize any person over their worldly advantages. They will never change their habits to attain love, attention, and affection for their partner. They will never be able to appreciate their partner’s presence and efforts. No matter how flexible and understanding someone becomes, someone who doesn’t deserve it will walk all over them again and again to satisfy their ego.

Like a black hole, they will suck the positivity, emotions, and willpower. In return, they will never be able to reciprocate feelings. Strong relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. However, if your partner always put themselves first, they probably don’t deserve you.

Here are the signs that you love someone who doesn’t deserve you.

They cheat on you

Lying and cheating is something common for someone who doesn’t deserve you. They will break your trust without realizing that they are damaging your relationship. They will consider you as an option for the sake of their temporary pleasure and satisfaction. They don’t consider honesty and respect as the pillars of their relationship. You will find them lying to you, disrespecting and devaluing you often. A person who truly wants you understand the importance of trustworthiness in the commitment.

They will never give anything in return

When you are in a relationship, you have to give to get what you deserve in return. However, the giver might care, love and understand the other, but for the taker, it is a one-way street. They consume the happiness, emotions, and positivity from the giver. They are too focused on their own self to worry about you. They often forget special days, cancel plans at the last moment, and never make efforts to make you happy. All because they are too wrapped in their own world to consider anyone else. You surely deserve a person who considers your need, desires, and emotions. A person who deserves you would put in efforts to bring a glimpse of happiness in your life.

They belittle you

If your partner belittles you or criticizes you, then they might enjoy hurting your sentiments and valuable emotions. They are too concerned about their own desires, you become unimportant to them. They will not pass up a chance of making fun of your personality, appearance, beliefs, or your dreams. It’s time for you to realize that your mean-spirited partner has the intentions to degrade you. It is not just casual teasing, it’s landing you in an emotionally confused and sad state. A person who truly values you will never intentionally hurt you. They truly don’t deserve you if they purposely break you or tear you apart.

You cannot rely on them

Whenever you need support or a shoulder to cry on, you never find them around you. They are too busy satisfying their own ego that your presence becomes invisible to them. You never find them cheering you, appreciating you, or making you feel special. You are never on the top of their priority list. You often find them missing out on your special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. They’re never there for you in your bad days when you desperately need someone to strengthen you. So why you should even live with such a person?

They are self-centered

Rather than building a mutual and loving relationship, they will continue to attain benefits from it. They focus on individuality rather than being a team. For them, the only thing that matters is their own advantages and position. They might destroy you to make themselves feel superior. They will never be happy if you succeed more than them. However, you deserve a person who wants to see you achieving your goals and living your dreams.