Some Of The Most Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

Dreams are amazing and we all have them, they can at times be the best part of a night’s sleep, sometimes the dreams aren’t so nice and worse when they are nightmares.

When we dream it is often our subconscious telling us something and that is why we remember the dreams or nightmares when other times we don’t remember them at all.

What we see in our dreams is relevant and very telling. There are many people who believe that dreams can tell us what we have been trying to avoid.

Here are the most common dream symbols and their meaning!

1. Water and or drowning

Dreaming of water or being lost at sea could be a sign that you feel unsupported by those you love or by a boss at work. Drowning is a sign that you are overwhelmed by something and it is suffocating you.

2. Trapped

Feeling trapped could be a sign that you need to make changes in your life or even a whole new fresh start if when dreaming of being trapped by a malevolent force you could be experiencing in your waking life a threat of some kind that you don’t want to face.

3. Babies

This indicates a desire to start a family and one soon, perhaps you are already trying for a family and wish it would happen. Babies also indicate that you are being childish about something in your waking life.

4. Animals

Animals are primal and your primal instinct to survive is being shown here, it is also a sign to work harder for what you want in life and to keep going using your animal strength to get where you need to be.

5. Chased

Being chased in your dreams is extremely frightening, it doesn’t matter how fast you run you can’t escape from the chase, it could be an indication that you are feeling pressure to do something you know is wrong or that you are in real danger in your waking life.

6. Death

Dreaming of death doesn’t necessarily mean death is imminent. It can mean that your subconscious is telling you that you need to end where you currently are, an example being in an unhappy relationship, it is telling you to move on.

7. Tests

Dreaming of a test and perhaps in that dream failing the test is because you fear you are not good enough, we all have feelings of not being good enough, our dream is just playing on those fears. If you have a test coming up in life it could be your mind telling you to study more.

8. Food

It doesn’t mean you are hungry although if you went to bed without eating then it could be that you are. Your brain is telling you that you have a deep need for knowledge and it is showing it to you as food.

9. Demons and Monsters

Another scary dream and it is telling you that you are avoiding an issue in your life. Perhaps you are being forced out of your comfort zone and you are terrified of what the outcome could be.

10. Buildings and Houses

Some people are able very easily to compartmentalize their brain. Everything placed in its little box until the time is right. If you dream of building your brain is telling you that you have way too many boxes and to get on with dealing what is clouding your mind.

11. Killing People

No, it doesn’t mean you are going to become the next serial killer. Your dream is telling you that some part of your life is coming to an end, or perhaps you have behaved recently in a way that is out of character as your dark side has come out and it is telling you to forget the cause and move on.

12. Money

When finances are a challenge, we all dream about money as this is real stress causing issue. It could be that you need to sit down and reassess your finances and try and get more control over what goes out, or it could be trying to tell you to find another job as you are worth more than you are currently being paid.

13. Falling

Falling is one of the most common dreams. There is no control over the fall and the fall seems to never end, you never reach the bottom as you often wake up before you get there. It could be a sign you need to let something go that is holding you back.

14. Meeting A Famous Person

We often dream this when younger, but when you have this dream now it could be that you relate to that person in regards to what you have seen them do, perhaps a humanitarian who you admire and wish you could be like.

15. Being Cheated On

My goodness, we all have this one and the sign is clear and loud you got trust issues. Trust issues come about through betrayal and betrayal isn’t just in a relationship it can be through friends and work too if this has happened recently or you suspect someone is betraying you, then your mind will play this out whilst you sleep.

16. Car Crashes

A natural fear when you consider all the people on the road driving like idiots. In this case, it is showing you that you have a deep-rooted fear of people who act in an irresponsible manner, you may even find your dream showing you who that person is.

17. Your Innermost Desires

We all have hopes and dreams that we wish would come true. Some of them we hold close to ourselves as some people have a nasty knack of stealing them for themselves especially if you want to start up a business as you have found a gap in the market. Your dream is telling you to stop thinking and start doing.

18. Walking Or Running

If you find yourself dreaming of this it could be that your brain is telling you it is time to hit the gym and stop just thinking about it.

19. Paralysis

Absolutely the worst feeling being unable to move, this is an indicator that you are extremely stressed and that you have no control over what is stressing you out.

20. Spiders

Urghh some people love them, most hate them. When dreaming of this 8-legged fiend, it could be that someone is spinning a web of lies to you, it can also indicate you are being excluded from something by people, or you could like me just hate them.

21. Flying

You are seeking freedom from what is holding you back in your waking world. Your brain is telling you to stop what you are doing and make changes that make you feel that desired freedom.

22. Fire

When you dream of fire it means you are a passionate person in touch with your inner feelings, you take romance very seriously and you dream of your love life being full of fire fuelled moments.

23. Books

Books represent your inner wisdom and strength, they are shown to you as you have an unquenched thirst for more knowledge, you may be considering going back to school and your dream is basically saying ‘do it’.

24. Dogs and Cats

These two, in particular, are about loyalty, cats tend to show loyalty to those that suit them at the time so it could be your dream is showing you that someone isn’t as loyal to you as you thought. Whereas if you dream about a dog in association with someone you know your brain is telling you its all good.

25. Crying

Dreaming about crying is your warning that you are holding your emotions in and you need to let them out. Something is bothering you and even your dream state can’t work out what it actually is. Think about what is bothering you as a whole as then the actual issue works its way out in the end.