Some Of The Worst Dating Mistakes Men Do

First dates, arghhhhh the anxiety, the nerves, don’t want to make an idiot of yourself, and then the stress of it, it’s a wonder any of us date at all, but date we do.

Then what happens men make some serious mistakes and we just want to head for the door.

Some of the worst in my opinion are:

1. “Why is a beautiful girl like you alone?”

Why! Why do they ask this damn question, do they not know what an idiot that makes them sound? Personally, it makes me want to vomit!

I’m sure they think they are being complimentary, they’re not. Seriously guys, don’t ask it!

I’d much rather be asked questions about my interests to open up the conversation, yes, it’s basic start and to my mind a good one and is way better than that question.

2. Talking about his Ex.

Why do they do this?

Do they not know it’s rude?

No woman wants to hear about the ex on the first date, that comes later if it must be discussed.

If there are children then sure they come up in the get to know you bit, but no need to be saying ‘My ex is a bitch’ which they often say and to me, that’s a red flag.

Perhaps he is still carrying some feelings there….

It’s a date, not a therapy session.

3. Playing with his phone.

O.M.G. one of my pet hates.

If you have to mess with your phone then I’m off, of course, single fathers who have a babysitter that may need to contact them that’s different, but even then, leave the phone to the side and only use it to answer a call if it comes.

A guy who needs his phone like a crutch on a date is no good as far as I’m concerned, he should be giving me his full attention. 

4. They talk too much.

We know its nerves, we’re nervous too, but for the love of all that is awesome please don’t do it.

I’ve been in a situation where he just didn’t stop talking, I even had to wonder if he was breathing!

In the end, I had to say, ‘STOP, I know you’re nervous, calm down, it’s fine’ after that it got easier, but damn it was awkward. 

5. Bad–mouthing other dates they have been on.

I really hate it when that happens, it puts me off them straightaway.

Yes, we’ve all had nightmare dates, doesn’t mean we talk about them, it’s kind of cruel to do that and says something about the person they are.

It leaves you wondering what will he say about you doesn’t it?

Guys may not know this, but they actually have a bit of a reputation for being gossips, although they would be quick to deny this and say its just a girl thing.

If guys would drop these things on this list oh how much better the date would be!