Sometimes Manipulation Comes Disguised As Love

There are plenty of people in this world who are experts at giving the illusion they love you when the reality is very different. One-sided love is more common than people think, and the damage it leaves behind when the truth finally comes out is hard to recover from.

Everyone wants to believe their partner loves them as deeply as they love their partner. Just because they say they love you doesn’t necessarily mean they do. Talk is cheap, actions are priceless and show their true feelings.

If they love you they will not put you through a living hell and call it ‘love’. They will take care of you and want the best for you. You would never have to wonder if the love is real because you see it every day.

Controlling and abusive partners use the word ‘love’ as control of your emotions. It gives them a sense of power in regards to you. They know if you believe they love you that they can get away with abusive behavior as much as they like.

They convince you that what they are doing is for your own good and that they have your best interests at heart, this is not true, they are putting you down, planting seeds of doubt, controlling you and what is really happening is you doubt yourself, perhaps even to the point where you believe you are going crazy.

Should you pull them up on their bad behavior they will profess things such as ‘I’m sorry’, ‘work is making me like this’, ‘I’m so tired all the time’, to say just a few examples. They will then change back to this wonderful person you first met as they know if they don’t you will leave, then once they have you back, they will revert back to type leaving you feeling confused and that your feelings are invalid.

Your emotions will be all over the place, you will feel insecure and constantly walking on eggshells which is exhausting. You have every right to be happy with your life and a partner who stops that is toxic and clearly doesn’t love you.

Love should not be a daily battleground; you should never be in fear of speaking your mind and left wondering each morning you wake up what mood they will be in.

The push and pull of a toxic relationship can sometimes be mistaken for what should be a healthy compromise, the truth is you are doing all the giving and they the taking until they have all they want from you.

You deserve to be truly loved by someone, that person will accept you for who you are, and will encourage you to follow your hopes and dreams, support you to grow as you do them.

Never settle for a half-life or a half love. Know your worth, take matters into your own hands, and use your choices to give yourself the life you deserve.

Stop letting people who refuse to see you for who you are, hold power over your life as a whole.

Believe in yourself first and true love will follow.