Starbucks Has A Brand-New Line Of Bolder Color-Changing Reusable Cups

We’re all looking for a little magic in our life and Starbucks has once again come to the rescue and launched its amazing brand-new set of color-changing reusable cups.

They are bolder and brighter than before!

The cups react to the temperature of your drink, so as soon as you add your favorite drink you will see the transformation before your eyes.

Some people have mistakenly thought they are last year’s colors but they’re not last year was all pastels this year the colors are bold.

There are five colors—plus straws and lids—included in the $16.95 pack, and they’ll hold up to 24 ounces of your favorite Starbucks sips.

Rose transforms from a light pink to coral red, Citron from yellow to emerald green, Sky from light blue to cobalt blue, Apricot from light orange to tangerine, and Arctic from teal to a raspberry pink.

Here’s how it works: The color-changing cups are temperature sensitive, so pour in iced tea or cold brew and watch the cups magically transform into new ombré shades.