Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Cares About You And Does These 8 Things

True love is rare to find and sometimes even if you do find it, it takes a lot of effort to make it worth it. It takes efforts for a relationship to become enough to make you happy, and it’s so hard to tell whether love is genuine or fake in today’s materialistic world.

Love comes your way when it is written for you, no matter how hard you try you won’t find it until it is destined to be yours. When you feel that you’re falling for someone look for these 8 traits in that person, and you’ll know that it’s real.

1. You deserve to be with someone who will take a stand for you

Relationships are work and they are hard at times. There are times when no one supports you. You may even need to fight with friends and family, but convincing them together is the key to a successful relationship. He will take a stand for you to anyone who may doubt you or put you down. He will always take a stand for you.

2. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Find someone who loves you even when you’re not dressed up with makeup on. Someone who will love you and all of your flaws. He should love you when you look your worst and still call you beautiful. Beauty fades, but he should always be able to look beyond the physical and see the beauty within your soul. You deserve a man who doesn’t shy away from your dark hidden secrets but instead embraces them. Wait for the person who kisses your scars to make them feel beautiful.

3. He doesn’t just want to sleep with you.

Make sure the guy you are with isn’t with you just because he wants to sleep with you. Love is not about getting physical. It’s about having moments to share. Sometimes together in peace is what all you need with your partner, but there are guys who jump into bed without making you comfortable enough and that is the sign they are not the ones!

4. Argues and fixes it

It’s always a nice to have open communication with your significant other. It’s a healthy sign for you both to have conversations about ideas and opinions because it means you both understand each other. If you get in arguments and your man makes an effort to fix things then he really cares about your relationship. There will always be times when you won’t agree with each other, but at the end of the day, a strong relationship is when you both sit together and resolve your problems.

5. Be with someone who makes your day

Rarely will you find a person who will ask about your day and what you had to eat, or be concerned about the little things in your life. This is really very important because at the end of the day everybody wants someone to lighten themselves from their hectic days. If someone supports you in your every wildest dream than you shouldn’t let them go.

6. If he can make you laugh you should not let him go

A toxic relationship can drain you. Life has many ups and downs and if someone can make you laugh and cheer you up, they’re the one you should consider. Sometimes all you need is a bad joke to laugh at or a crazy stunt to roll on the floor.

7. Love is easy

Be with someone who assures you that love is happiness. That it comes easy and of course it is worth fighting for. Besides the ups and downs that life throws your way, your love should come easy.

8. He won’t break Your heart

If he loves you, he will make every effort to keep you, no matter what. He knows that he can break your heart because you’re so in love with him, but he won’t because his happiness is associated with you and breaking your heart would break his.