Stay With A Man Who Never Gives Up On You

Love is a risk, but it is worth having, even though you have no idea how it will turn out.

Nothing in life is a dead cert after all.

When you’ve been single for any length of time you begin to feel that true love has escaped you and wonder if it will ever happen to you.

We all would love that picture-perfect romance that movies often portray, but life isn’t like that at all, is it?

We all would love the long romantic walks, the spontaneous hugs and kisses, sweet little gifts and notes, well hello, life is not a movie.

Real love, real life has its ups and downs, petty little arguments and sometimes full on fights are what’s real.

Real love is a love that stands the test of time. It’s about being together through thick and thin.

Sometimes one of you in the relationship may become sick and need support and love that neither of you was expecting.

True love doesn’t quit when things get challenging.

The right man is difficult to find, but if he has these traits then you know you have a winner;

Stay with the man that calls you at 2 am to check if you are okay after you’ve had a fight, as he can’t sleep just as much as you can’t.

Stay with the man that tells you he is by your side should you become sick with as an example; depression. He will educate himself on your illness, want to accompany you to your appointments and be there for you.

Stay with the man that loves all your wobbly bits, your stretch marks, your perceived flaws and tells you he loves them all about you.

Stay with the man that isn’t only with you for what you have sexually, but also for how you stimulate each other’s minds.

Stay with the man who knows you don’t see yourself as beautiful, but he goes out of his way to assure you that you are in every way to him beautiful.

Stay with the man who encourages you to grow in your own way and at your own pace.

True love is never about being perfect.

It is about growing together spiritually, not just growing old together.

Life is so very short, and you both deserve to be with people you love and have that love returned.

Love is a partnership, never a dictatorship.

If you are lucky enough to find this or already have this then remind yourself that this is what most people can only dream of and stay with a man like this!