Strong Women Have The Worst Dating Lives

We’ve all heard of romantic fairytales with women finding their forever prince and living happily ever after, but in reality, this is almost never the case, and not so surprisingly is the unfortunate fact that strong and incredible women often find it hard to find their happily ever after. They are filled with charisma, individuality, and intellect; probably the reasons why they drive away men.

Following are the reasons that I believe are responsible for strong women experiencing struggles with their love life:

Men feel threatened by them.

It boosts the male ego when they feel more powerful than their women, and most men certainly can not handle an alpha female sharing their ‘throne’. You may differ in this point of view, but it is almost universal of males not accepting an intellectual, strong headed female that they fear might be gutsier and have more balls that they have.

Independent nature.

Successful women are more often than not, self-made and self-loving, they can take care of themselves and do not rely on men for their needs.


They see through people, they can never be fooled or lied to, as they have struggled to be who they are, and they have had enough of the backstabbers and those who bring them down. Never mistakenly assume them to be a coward or shy.

They have an inbuilt douchebag sensor.

Further hindering their way to the typical love life, is their ability to sense and move away from douchebags who are trying nothing but to have a baseless, pointless relationship. They care for themselves enough to not let anyone harm them in any way.

Too selective.

They might have a small group of friends, but they never settle for average. With age comes wisdom and the older they are the wiser and pickier they become. They can never fake their happiness for anyone and therefore are constantly looking for men who can love them the way they deserve to be loved.

Too bold and intense.

Considering the fact that they actually know where they stand and don’t play games, people actually perceive them as too bold and straightforward in relationships. The truth is that they don’t waste time and come right to the point, this might also intimidate men.


Because of the constant struggles in their past, these women are headed straight toward their goals and focus on building their career. They sometimes put aside their emotions and target their full attention toward their vision and goals.

Pure at love.

The honesty of strong women is often not seen by many, regardless they are the most genuine friends and the most loyal companions. These women are not afraid to speak up about their emotions and care for the ones they love. However, sadly enough, only rarely do people realize this quality of strong, bold women.

They’re atypical.

These are not normal women, they do not adhere to the rules society has for women and they’re certainly not predictable. Strong women are extraordinary, peculiar and unique.

They are one in a million.

Contrary to how the typical females are, strong and bold women do not fit the usual criteria and are beyond the ordinary. Men actually have a hard time finding them. They are unique in their own ways, have different ideas to what love and happiness are, and they don’t follow the normal societal sculpture of what a woman should be.