Study Says: Loners Are More Loyal And Intelligent And Make Better Friends

Loners have a bad reputation for not actively seeking any human interaction whatsoever. While they do prefer to keep to themselves, they do not in any way shun from idea of forming close associations with other people. A new research has proven that loners actually prove to be the best of friends. Let’s discuss the facts below:

A renowned psychologist at the Wellesley College supervised a research on the characteristics of loners and their approach towards developing bonds with other people.

Jonathan Creek, a renowned psychology expert states that people often confuse a loner by default to someone who has been forced to seek solitude from other people’s criticism. One type may actively choose desolation while another may have been forced to seek isolation because society disapproves of them.

In addition, Jonathan states loners who actively choose solidarity and isolation may have acquired this peculiar personality trait from their ancestral behaviors and it may as well run in families.

 The inherent likelihood of a loner to seek solitude in their lives could have emerged from preferring small groups of friends while growing up or living in a family that placed immense value on privacy and seclusion.

Loners are often perceived as people who don’t have a lot of acquaintances, and that they are not interested in keeping long-term social connections and friendships.

This is because they like to be left alone in their own realm of thoughts and opinions and do not require any kind of justifications from others around them.

Because a loner does not require other peoples validation on their opinions and beliefs, it is safe to say that tend to be more loyal and trustworthy friends in the long run.

They know the deep and empty space within themselves that seems to be consumed with loneliness and isolation, hence they actually appreciate the handful of friends they already have. They value their company and make sure they keep tending to the friendship often. This makes their connections deep and long lasting.

Fundamentally, if you have a friend in your life who happens to be a loner, that individual will most probably prove to be the most reliable and wisest friend you have ever had to date.

They have high parameters set for their loved ones and strive to be the perfect friend, colleague, best friend and significant other.

It is interesting to note, that most people are not loners by default, and that many people are perceived as loners because of their fear of judgment  and rejection when dealing with other individuals. This is one of the reasons why they seem to be socially awkward in certain situations.

Excessive amounts of loneliness and abandonment can cause elevated levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, which can contribute to significant amounts of stress and consequently deterioration of ones physical and mental well being.

It is important to observe your those around you and reach out to other people who seem lonely and alone.

Friendships and meaningful connections truly bring out the best in us. Perhaps by befriending a loner, you and your lonesome counterpart can benefit from this union and experience fulfillment in both of your lives.