Subtle Ways Someone Who Is Toxic Reveals Themselves

It seems that the world these days is full of toxic people and you can’t move for them being in and around our lives. The thing is they have always been in existence, in truth we are now just more aware of them and see them for who they truly are.

They literally roam around looking for people they can drag into their false reality and they often send out red flags, but unless you know what you are looking for before you know it you are in too deep and have become their latest victim.

Survivors of toxic people are the most incredible people as they stand up and say ‘enough is enough’ they are a low voice almost a whisper at first, but as their journey of recovery progresses their voices become a roar as they do what they can to raise awareness in the hope it saves someone from becoming a toxic persons ‘next victim’.

Here are some warning signs of toxic people:

Bad Listeners

They are absolutely rubbish at listening, they know this and initially, they work hard on hiding this, acting attentive and caring but like any trait that isn’t natural to someone the real person comes out in the end, and you will soon see them totally disinterested in what you have to say.

Playing the Victim

They will tell you stories of how they were abused by their previous partner, how life was so terrible for them, they act so convincingly that you are left feeling full of compassion for them and can’t understand why they were treated this way. What they are really telling you is what ‘they’ did to their previous partner, classic projection.


Toxic people are the most judgmental people you can ever meet. They are so insecure about their own lives they have this desire to put down and judge those around them solely to make themselves feel better.

They Seek Attention

If the attention isn’t on them 24/7, they get angry and will make up wild and incredible stories just so the attention moves onto them. If this doesn’t get them the desired response, they will push themselves into other peoples lives and gain attention that way.


They have no respect for other people what so ever. They will think nothing of walking over someone and they believe the entire world owes them. This makes them put themselves above everyone else and that includes any children they may have.

They Interrupt All the Time

Not only are they bad listeners they constantly interrupt people when they are talking. They will do what they can to prevent you from having an opinion or will force their opinion on you and they won’t let up until you agree with them, often what happens is people agree with them just to shut them up and make them go away.

They’re Egotistical

Everything has to be about them; they care about their image; they constantly talk about themselves and their supposed achievements and they care what people think of them which is ironic really when once they are exposed and people make it clear they don’t like them this infuriates them and that is when things can get nasty.

They’re Abusive

Abuse is what they are best at, it often starts with emotional abuse that is subtle but grows over time especially if you challenge them or outright tell them what you think of them. In some cases, they become physically abusive too, this is how they try to regain control over you.

They Lack Responsibility

They will never admit they are in the wrong, so, therefore, will take no responsibility for their actions. You could literally witness the wrongdoing, pull them up on it and they will deny you saw what just happened, they will go to extreme lengths to tell you that you are wrong by gaslighting you.

They’re materialistic

They have next to no friends, what they do is spend time building what they believe is the perfect home, buying the best of everything, the latest gadget, the best cars, often this has been financed by their previous victims, and worse those victims are the ones left in financial ruin, whilst the toxic person walks away with all the possessions.