Tactics Narcissists Will Use To Destroy Their Person Of Choice

A narcissist is a destructive personality. Being around them is exhausting and it is not that easy to part ways with them. Why? Because they are expert manipulators. They love to play with the emotions of other people and will go through any length to exploit people. They have a very controlling nature; they are not afraid to play with other people’s feelings and will do everything they can to leave people in self-doubt.

The worst part is that it is almost impossible to point out a narcissist because they act like they are the most trustworthy and amazing person in the world, and people tend to fall for this act and once they do get rid of the blindfold on their eyes, they have already missed the boat.

So, to protect yourself from getting involved with a narcissist, here are 5 tactics narcissists use to ruin people.


Narcissists love winning and cannot risk losing. If somehow, you’re winning an argument against a narcissist, they will make their lies stronger by inviting a third person into the argument. It’s almost as if they use the third person to add weight and proof to their devilish lies. A narcissist can go the extra mile in a relationship, where they can make their partner jealous by clinging onto the third person. This will obviously cause their partner to retaliate harder for their love and affection.


A narcissist is an insidious people because their hearts are filled with negativity and pessimistic emotions. But, instead of fixing these problems, they project this negativity onto other people. They will blame you for their fears, hostility, and envy. They will take out all the negative baggage on you because to a narcissist, you are nothing more than a punching bag they can use.


Narcissists are experts in diverting the topic of conversation to something else. If they feel like they are losing to you, they will immediately change the topic of conversation, instead of admitting defeat because narcissists are ego-centric, they would rather change the course of the argument and make you feel lost in confusion, than to admit that they, too, can lose sometimes.


Narcissists will humiliate you, either behind your back or in front of other people to make you feel bad about yourself. They succeed in lowering your self-esteem and make you believe that you can’t do anything in life, can’t achieve your goals and can’t go after the life that you want. They are experts at shaming people.


This is one of the most treacherous things a narcissist can do. Narcissists feed on your insecurities. If you tell them a single thing about yourself that you’re insecure about, they will take the lead from here and make you feel worse about having this insecurity. They will essentially add more gasoline to the fire, and you will end up feeling unworthy and useless.

Being narcissistic is not a healthy personality at all. Sometimes, we just have to take a deep breath and leave them, whether they are a friend or your significant other. It is not worth your time to put up with their lies and manipulation. A narcissist never changes. They will constantly try to destroy you and you have to look after yourself. Notice these subtle signs as soon as possible and leave the narcissistic person. It’s better for you and for your well-being.