Texas Guy Gets Roasted For Having A Designated Lady Drawer In His Bedroom

A man from Texas has been roasted by plenty of people on Twitter after he posted a well-stocked supply of toiletries for his “frequent” female guests – as well as a vibrator.

Twitter user shared a snap of his “lady drawer” which contained a pregnancy test, face wipes, scrunchies, nail remover, hairbrush and tampons, and the sex toy.

Credit: @DaddyAllDay/Twitter

In the post which is now viral, he said: “I feel like every guy needs a ‘lady drawer’ if you plan on having frequent guests.”

Credit: @DaddyAllDay/Twitter

However, his smug boast backfired big time and where he thought he was being thoughtful to his lady guests the post has generated the opposite reaction.

Since being shared earlier this week, his tweet has received more than 3,000 ‘likes’ and 22,000 shares, as well as a string of amazed comments.

One person wrote: “Women won’t like this lmao.”

Credit: @DaddyAllDay/Twitter

Another commented: “Ah yes the classic etiquette advice: make all your female friends, family, and hook-ups feel at home with (checks notes) two bottles of nail polish remover, an open pregnancy test, and a used dildo.”

A third shared: “This isn’t as thoughtful as you think it is. Potentially used hairbrush, scrunchies, and sex toys? Pregnancy tests?

“She’ll be wondering how frequent your ‘guests’ have visited and how many have been here before her.”

And a fourth added: “Because that wouldn’t make a date feel like she’s one of a parade of women, not at all.”

A fifth person joked: “Oh, yes, please, I’d like to use the community dildo please?”

The man went on to insist that he’s not expecting other guys to go out buy everything in his “lady drawer” – and even admitted some of the items were second-hand.

In another tweet, he wrote: “For the record, I’m not saying to go buy all this s**t.

“You really just need makeup wipes, tampons, hair ties, and a hairbrush. I just had all that laying around so I designated a drawer for it.”