The 4 Zodiac Signs That Can Expect To See Big Changes As We Enter The Second Phase Of The Year – April 1st – June 30th

Some of us thrive on change, we embrace it and go with the flow, the rest of us dread it and want to hide away and stay in our comfort zone.

With us entering the second phase of 2019 these zodiac signs are going to experience some changes whether they want them or not.

1. Taurus

Those born under this sign can’t stand change at all, they love their comfort zone and will do anything and everything to stay there as it gives them a sense of security and stability.

But change is coming and they are going to have to accept this even if they do so kicking and screaming, funny thing is once the changes have happened, they will embrace them and wonder why they made such a fuss.

The changes coming are in the areas of their love life, finances and career. A new love will enter their life and they are here to stay. They will make a difference in how those under Taurus look at their love life and will bring peace where before there was chaos.

Finances and career are going to change it doesn’t necessarily mean a new job but could mean a promotion within their chosen career. If they do decide to change their job this will open up a whole new world of people to them that can only improve as the year goes on.

2. Leo

So far, this year has been hit and miss for Leo leaving them wondering if 2019 is the worst year they are yet to have. Not so, what has been happening is they have seen through those around them and have been cleaning house so to speak of hanger on’s and people who are just bringing them down.

They are now going to start reaching goals that appeared in the past to be beyond their reach. Their hopes and dreams are going to become a reality and along with this their self-confidence is going to skyrocket.

They will make decisions that will feed into their future and instead of being hesitant they are just going to go for it in a big way. They will overcome any obstacles put in their way and if anyone tries to stop them, they will soon find themselves no longer part of that Leo’s circle.

3. Gemini

Gemini’s have no problem with change they often implement the changes themselves they are not known for waiting on the sidelines for life to evolve. Life tends to be one long surprise and this new phase is not going to be any different.

Its going to be fast and furious so put your seat belt on if you are Gemini, as people will leave, new ones will arrive and in all that you are going to fall in love in a big way and unusual for Gemini’s they will not be fickle for them this is going to be the real thing, which could lead to a long-term partnership, even marriage.

Being creative it is a good possibility that instead of remaining in the job they are in for necessity they will finally change their career for what feeds their soul, they may even start their own business and be full of new and exciting ideas which will be infectious to those around them.

4. Virgo

Virgo’s have not had the best start to 2019, as they feel they have not been in control and that is what they hate the most, losing control and not being able to do anything about it. They have, however, learnt that not always being in control does have its benefits.

Over the new few months, Virgo’s will find their path altering in their career as well as their love life. What was once so well planned is about to become full of chaos, but the end results will be worth it.

There will be no comfort zone for a while and Virgo’s will find they are almost living on their nerves, but all come good, just show a little patience which isn’t one of Virgo’s strong points.