The 6 Signs That Are Experts At Sending You Mixed Messages

Some people are a real nightmare to date, you never know where you stand with them and they are unreliable with their feelings so you are left with so many mixed messages you wonder if it is time to end it and move on.


They find making a decision about anything a challenge and a relationship decision is no different. To be honest you are pretty much screwed when it comes to a Libra.

They change their mind as often as the wind, and even when it appears, they have made a decision they will go change it again. One moment they are totally in love with you and the next they are looking around for someone new.


They have their own rules to live by and they don’t care what you think of those rules, they have their own world and that’s final.

They are oddly analytical but their emotions send signals to that thinking that even they can’t work out at times so how the hell are you supposed to. They can be rational one minute then totally irrational the next, they are extremely hard work to be in a relationship with.


When they make the decision yes you are what they want, awesome you are both on the same page, problem is they take their time getting there.

They can be closed off one minute almost cold and unfeeling, then the next passionate and all over you, they can be extremely sensitive so one wrong word from you and as far as they are concerned you are not for them.


Well known for being flighty and indecisive they can’t even decide what or who they are themselves let alone what they want in a relationship.

They can be all over you one minute wanting to spend every waking moment with you so that you are almost suffocated by them, the next day they can act like they can’t even stand to be in the same room as you, which leads for a ton of mixed emotions on both sides.


Those born under Cancer are insecure and sensitive by nature, and when they do say something it can come out in the wrong way.

They blame everything that goes wrong on a lack of communication which is hardly fair on you, as you have been communicating but they aren’t listening and then they get moody and close themselves off from you, leaving you wondering just what the hell went wrong.


They never think before they leap, one day they are promising you the world the next they are off doing their own thing without even telling you.

You can’t take what they say literally as what stood true yesterday is not so today, they live in the moment and commitment isn’t their bag. They prefer freedom and lack the appreciation that you can still have freedom and be a couple.