The Best Alcohol For You To Drink According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all get bored of drinking the same old thing, yet we still find ourselves drinking it out of habit more than desire. 

Deciding on a new drink isn’t as easy as we think after all we are creatures of habit!

So, let your zodiac sign rescue you and perhaps give what they suggest is your best type of drink.


Vodka is a great choice for Aries. People born under Aries are looking for adventure and we all know Vodka has a tendency to make people go a little wild, give it a try you might like it.


Plain old beer suits those born under Taurus. It’s a simple relaxed kind of drink that can still get you drunk if not a little gassy, and always goes down well at parties.


Tequila is perfect for those born under Gemini. It’s guaranteed to get you drunk, up to all kinds of shenanigans and will give you awesome memories both good and bad.


Gin whilst often called mother’s ruin in the old days, it has a little mystery to it too, which is perfect for those born under Cancer as they do like to be thought of as a little mysterious.


Red wine for Leos, as they like to think of themselves as classy people destined for great things. Not really a session drink more a drink to separate you from the rest of the crowd.


White wine for Virgos as it can often be found at parties and Virgo’s do love to attend family parties where a little restraint may be in order, and as they are caring and compassionate people, drinking white wine unless in copious amounts isn’t going to be the cause of any family drama.


Whiskey for Libra, as it is often thought of as the no-drama-zone drink. It gives the impression of a serious mature person which most often is how Leos behave.


Oh dear! Moonshine that demon drink but then it does suit Scorpio well as they are the sing of the zodiac that can get a little out of hand and even illegally so at times.


Sagittarians like quality in their life, they prefer to go designer in clothing, shoes and so it’s no surprise that Champagne has been the zodiacs choice for them.


Capricorns are not the party animals of the zodiac, they prefer drinking with a few friends or even alone. Scotch is not a popular drink but it reflects the Capricorns nature as refined and classy.


They arrive at parties with boxes of wine, they want to enjoy the night in full and have no intention of running out of wine. They enjoy the freedom of just topping up from what seems a never-ending box.


Pisceans are creative souls and Absinthe is well known for its creative boosting elements even if let’s be honest the damn stuff is frying your brain and giving you hallucinations.