The Breed Of Dog Which Suits You Best According To Your Zodiac Sign

They say dogs are humans’ best friend but which breed you feel attached to could depend on the zodiac sign you are born under.

Aries – German Shepherd

You have energy and a love for life, you are loyal and protective so a German shepherd is an ideal match for you. They are very protective and can be found working within the law enforcement and military. They will stay by your side no matter the danger and can also be found cuddling up on the couch and if there’s not enough room on your lap.

Taurus – Chihuahua

You love the finer things in life, you know the best places to go for a night out and enjoy good company. The Chihuahua has long been viewed as a cute adorable accessory. They are small but OMG are they mouthy when they want to be and this amuses you as you feel you can relate to them when they are in this mood.

Gemini – Golden Retriever

You are a natural social butterfly and love spending time with people. The Golden Retriever is perfect for you as they love being around people, they are super friendly and very trusting so not the best breed as a guard dog unless they see you being threatened directly as they want to be friends with everyone.

Cancer – Greyhound

You are a gentle kind and caring person and this makes you an extremely sensitive person. Greyhounds have the same temperament as you so would be an ideal match for you. They often start life at the racetrack and are not always looked after the way they deserve, so should you adopt a greyhound after it’s racing days are over make sure you have the time to show they lots of love.

Leo – Havanese

You have a warm spirit and a big heart, your attitude to life is infectious to everyone around you. The Havanese is, without doubt, your spirit animal, they love to be around people and be given lots of affection they are not great at being left alone for too long as they pine for you and miss you.

Virgo – Chow Chow

You are a dedicated hardworking person, you like things done in a certain way and are known as someone who can be relied upon to get things done. Chow Chows have been bred for hunting, herding and guarding their owners’ homes. They are quite docile unless they need to be protective so match you very well.

Libra – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You are a charming romantic person you are graceful and elegant; the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect match for you. They are stunning to look at with their huge round eyes and long flowing ears that give them a unique beauty just like you.

Scorpio – Border Collie

You are an intense and passionate person; you are fiercely loyal and protective over those you love. A Border Collie has the same characteristics as you so is a perfect match. They are affectionate and love long hikes with you and enjoy being sociable with humans as well as other animals.

Sagittarius – Jack Russell Terrier

You love life and are full of energy and that is exactly just how Jack Russell Terriers are. This breed has a bad reputation which is unfair as being aggressive they are not; they just appear so when they view their owner being threatened.

Capricorn – Basset Hound

You are a serious hardworking person; you protect your independence and can have a look about you of resting bitch face. The Basset Hound is often misjudged as a stubborn dog and not exactly sociable, which is wrong they just also have a resting bitch face!

Aquarius – Shar-Pei

You are a deep thinker, guarded and thoughtful in your actions and very independent. The Shar-pei which means sand skin in Chinese is just as guarded and independent as you are. They will defend you to their last breath and were often the breed used to guard the ancient temples in China.

Pisces – English Bulldog

You are very compassionate to everyone even strangers, you hate to think that anyone is feeling unloved and alone. The English bulldog is an extremely sensitive breed. They sense people’s mood even before the person does and will cuddle up to you until they are satisfied that you are feeling their love for you.