The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You may not observe creepy traits in yourself on a regular basis. In fact, you may not be aware these traits exist in yourself at all, but it’s possible that you exhibit these specific behaviors consciously or unconsciously. Here is the creepy side of your personality according to your zodiac sign.


Aries have a peculiar nature of thinking about death. Either they imagine themselves or the people they love as dead. If you are among those who are obsessed with death or deadly events, don’t worry about it because your sign is the symbol of death too.


Taurus is a stalker by nature. You stalk the people you love or the ones you are obsessed with. You know exactly what that person is doing all the time due to your obsessive nature. You use social media to find out what they’re up to, or in extreme cases, stalk them to their house too! Very creepy indeed!


Gemini lies very skillfully. You have the sign that shows two faces, so this dual face trait is actually in your personality as well. You lie intentionally and unintentionally and due to this trait, you could be a successful fiction writer.


You have a very possessive nature. You forget that you are not supposed to drown in someone’s personality too much and you can’t overcome this crazy trait of yours. You are so much involved in your partner that you become very irritating to them. You cross the line often due to your extremely obsessive nature which can trouble your partner to the extent of suffocation.


You are an attention seeker and for that, you go to any extent to get all the attention and love. You want to be apple of everyone’s eye and admired wherever you go.


Virgo is shy by nature but you have extremely unusual sexual fantasies in your minds all the time. You are unable to bring this side out due to your shy nature, but you’ll never miss the chance to you fulfill your fantasies in reality if you can.


Libra is always curious to find all the creepy things going on in the universe. You have an irresistible desire to find out every creepy thing or event that takes place and find out why it happened.


You have a gloomy nature and you have a very deep dark side. It’s undoubted that you are among the darkest of all the zodiacs. Your mind is filled with the thoughts of murdering the people you dislike, and you visualize scenes of viciousness and cruelty. You can, all of a sudden, give rise to any event that can harm others badly.


You have an emotionless heart. You stay away from emotions so much that you are numb and blank when comes to events of happiness or sadness in your life.


You have a low tolerance and therefore, you always want to murder the people who dare to cross lines with you. Your mind schemes such events of when you can slay and throw them out once and for all.


In your head, you are always planning and arranging the soothing words that you will say to the friends and the family members at a loved one’s death or funeral. It is strange and creepy that you think of these words on regular basis. It’s actually pretty dark.


You always imagine yourself as a super-hero. You fantasize in your mind that the world has come to an end and you are the life-saver of everyone. You always imagine all kinds of destructive scenarios in your head like bloodstreams, slaughters etc. and you jump in like a hero to save the ones alive. You often think of blood and the Day of Judgment.