The first letter of your name can reveal a lot about your personality

What is the first letter of your first name? Check out below to find out what it could reveal about your personality!

Letter A 

You are an honest, straight-forward ambitious person. You will put yourself first as you are focused on your personal goals. You are driven to succeed and tend to be the one that takes charge when in a group of people. You are born leaders and have the ability to inspire people and are courageous. You speak your mind and people are left under no illusion you mean what you say.

Letter B

You are a sensitive person and are not ones to be found opening up quickly to people. You prefer to observe people first on whether they are trustworthy. You are deeply loyal to the point of scaring some people if they should commit any perceived slight against your friends or family. You have control over your emotions so when you do act you have thought it through first.

Letter C

You love to be the life and soul of the party; you are the ultimate social butterfly. You are extremely optimistic and have a healthy curiosity about life. Communication is one of your greatest skills and you use it to inspire those around you. Your ideal career would be in the social media domain. When you look for a partner, they will need to be your best friend too.

Letter D

You can be stubborn and headstrong; you know what you want and how to go about getting it. You can be quick to anger then once it is said and done you move on. You are smart and know how to keep yourself grounded especially in your career. You tend to be workaholics and because of this people find you trustworthy and honest. You have a way of doing things that inspire confidence.

Letter E

You are flexible and handle change extremely well. You have a high intellect and great imagination, so writing is one of your most favorite things to do. You love to read as you have a thirst for knowledge. You do tend to be one of life’s out of the box thinkers that sets you apart from those around you. You are very sociable and enjoy a good debate.

Letter F

You have this natural ability to be nurturing and self-sacrificing that sets you apart from those around you. You are responsible and very caring; you make people feel at ease and this makes you an excellent host. You value your peace and quiet and keeping life harmonious is very important to you, but that doesn’t mean you are a pushover, as when needed you can be quite the rottweiler.

Letter G

You are a perfectionist and you expect those around you to be the same, sorry real life just isn’t like that and because of this, you are difficult to please. You love to read and you can be a bit of a history buff, so always asked to join in on quizzes. You have the ability to see the bigger picture and this feeds over into your career and makes you sought after, perhaps even head-hunted.

Letter H

You are self-focused and everything is about what is best for you and what you can get out of it before anyone else. You tend to be high earners as your career will be high profile. You don’t make friends easily but when you do, they are friends for life, your inner circle is important to you. You follow your gut in everything you do, You can be sensitive when the need arises, but once over with you are back to focusing on yourself.

Letter I

You do love to enjoy life and the luxuries that can be found in it. You are free spirited and always willing to try something new. You can be creative in your thinking as well as your outlook on life. You do struggle to stay focused on one thing at a time, as you are always looking for the next thing to experience that sometimes you find you have missed an opportunity and have to backtrack.

Letter J

You have lots of energy and when you make a decision to do something, that’s it, no going back. You make a great friend as you want everyone to be happy and make sure you don’t upset people. You are a true problem solver and this is why your friends will seek you out for advice and you do give great advice.

Letter K

You are very loyal and kind, you are often sought out as someone to mediate when a problem occurs. You have great communication skills but do struggle with shyness until you get comfortable around people. You can wear your heart on your sleeve and this leads to you being hurt, perhaps its time to grow a thicker skin.

Letter L

You do tend to crave attention; you over think absolutely everything and you focus on that detail almost obsessively. You can be indecisive which drives people mad and because you are so busy overthinking you can be accident prone which then causes you to overthink why that happened. When something bothers you, you have to talk about it and sometimes to the point where you have to be told to shut up.

Letter M

You are very headstrong and tend not to be willing to listen to advice from those around you, even if it would be of benefit to you. You come across as selfish and forget often that people around you have lives too. You can be a workaholic and are driven to succeed by any means necessary. People either love you or hate you there is no middle ground.

Letter N 

You are very intense with your thinking and highly creative. You think outside the box and you value your freedom to be like this. You have a unique way about you that engages people to seek you out and they love spending time with you. You are free-spirited and tend not to settle in one place or job for too long as you want to see as much of the world as you can.

Letter O

You are focused and have high morals which feed into every decision you make in life. You have a deep sense of right and wrong and you will fight for any injustices you see. You make an excellent lawyer as you know rules are there for a reason. This can make you appear boring you are not; you just believe in sticking to your principals.

Letter P

You always give a great first impression but you can at times appear distant. What the reality is that you really are extremely self-conscious of yourself and not as confident as people first think. You have a high degree of intelligence and a thirst for knowledge that makes you a bit of a homebody spending time reading rather than going out and being sociable. You don’t suffer fools so if anyone irritates you, you can be quite unforgiving in the way you are with them and they are left under no illusion the goose is cooked and they are no longer welcome at your table.

Letter Q

You simply can’t sit still; you have to be constantly on the move. You can at times come across as mysterious which you’re not, you just keep things close to you until you want to say them, no one can force your hand. You can be extremely selfish and you really don’t care that you are. It’s your life and you fully intend to live it the way you want to. You can be a bit of an ass about money too, your view is its mine and I do what I want with it.

Letter R

You need to have people’s approval all the time and you have to be the best of the best. You have strong emotions and you feel everything intensely that happens to you. You are willing to learn but, on your terms, when you are ready which doesn’t always help you with your career. You love your home life and your friends and family are extremely important to you. 

Letter S

You are a very giving person, generous to a fault and you tend to put everyone before yourself. The well-being of your loved ones is paramount to you. Your emotions run deep and when things go wrong you can be very volatile and sometimes make decisions that you later regret. You don’t need people to pick you up when you fall down, even though a helping hand is offered you are stubborn and your view is it is my mess and I will clean it up.

Letter T

You are an extremely private person and unless you want to talk about them no one will know your thoughts and feelings on any subject. You are perceived as a quiet individual until people get to know you then you can talk for hours You have a lot of patience and tolerate people, but once the patience is gone you can be brutal in what you say.

Letter U

You love to get attention and this is down to your physical appearance, you will do whatever it takes to make yourself look good, even resort to plastic surgery when really you are perfect just as you are. A lot of this is down to low self-esteem, so to make up for this you spend serious $ to make yourself into who you want to be. People think you are shallow for this; they can’t see past this show to see who you really are.

Letter V

You are one of those people that have to be admired and adored and to obtain this you will resort to misleading people to the point of huge fat lies. You do have a good side but you appear to not show this as you really don’t want to appear vulnerable. If you showed your real self you would actually get the respect you are looking for.

Letter W

You are proud, determined and seriously headstrong. You come across as someone with a huge ego and you only allow people into your circle who you consider are interesting and worthy of your time. You can hold great conversations with anyone willing to hear them and will put yourself forward for any profile-raising activities, as to you being seen and heard is important.

Letter X

You have enthusiasm for life by the bucket load, you are passionate about life and one of the best multi-taskers. You make friends easily and love to learn about new cultures wherever you go. Travel is not just a past-time for you, it is a way of life. You have great communication skills so journalism is something that you fit into very well if you decide to go that route.

Letter Y

You hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else. You are independent and have to control every aspect of your life. You have difficulties maintaining any kind of relationship whether it be a romantic one or family and friends. You do tend to look down on people which no one likes so this is why you can often be found alone rather than in a circle of friends.

Letter Z

You are always positive and upbeat about everything. Life is sunny for you and you bask in its glow. You can be impulsive and you rely on your friends to keep you on the straight and narrow. Your circle is small and you love your friends with a deep passion and respect. Your friends turn to you for advice as when your sensible head is on, they know what you say will make sense of what is confusing for them.