The Golden Rules About Social Media Relationships

Social media networks are a massive part of our lives, whether you be an avid Facebooker, Tweeter or Instagramer. They are fun places to spend your time, but there is also a darker side to these sites.

More and more these sites are being used like dating sites and to be honest that is not a good or safe option.

You have no idea who is really behind the profiles unless you meet in person, if you don’t want to be taken for a ride here are a few golden tips.

1. Social media sites are not dating sites 

Exactly that! It’s not a dating site, be careful who you add to your friend’s list, if you don’t know them, no mutual friends etc don’t do it, for all you know they could be some psycho looking for their next victim.

There are already many warnings concerning this from for example the police, yet people still do it. How many times have we read reports on attacks on people and it turns out they started off as friends on social media.

2. Not everyone is honest on social media sites 

This is solid truth whether you want to believe it or not.

They build up this imaginary world and you think wow what an amazing life they have, or what an awesome person they are.

Worst case scenario social media is a prime ground for pedophiles. They seek out young children’s profiles and pretend to be the same age and want to be friends.

There has been so much in the news about this, yet there still seems little protection and action on this matter.

3. People can hurt you 

We call them friends when in reality they are only acquaintances.

Unless they are people we have met in real life that is all they will ever be, yet still people find themselves sharing the most intimate secrets of their life believing they are safe with that person.

Reality is you have given some stranger the ammunition to use against you and make your life a living hell.

4. There is the same rule both for online and offline relationships 

In real life you have boundaries, make sure you set boundaries for the online world too.

If your boundaries are abused, not respected in real life, you would break ties, wouldn’t you?

Do the same online, delete them from your friend’s list and block them if necessary.

5. Follow your heart but also use your brain 

We all have at times unrealistic expectations in relationships, we want the ideal perfect world, it just doesn’t happen.

If it feels wrong, then it’s wrong. That will be your gut talking to you, listen to it.

Keep yourself safe online and if you do find yourself experiencing trouble, speak to someone and get their point on what has gone on, if necessary, speak to a member of law enforcement, the laws now take into consideration unwanted and unacceptable behavior online.