The Interesting Truth Behind Your Birthday

Finding Your Birth Number

Follow the simple process below to find your birth number.

To start, add up the numbers in your birthday together. For example, if your birth date is 09/21/1988, you do 9 + 21 + 1988, which would equal 2018. Then you add the singular digits of that number, 2 + 0 +1+ 8, which would equal 11. Then you break it down even further, 1 + 1, which equals 2. 

Since you ended up with the number two, this will be your birth number. 

These birth numbers are assigned individual roles that detail your abilities and skills: 

1. Originator
2. Peacemaker
3. Life of the party
4. Conservative
5. Nonconformist
6. Romantic
7. Intellectual
8. Big shot
9. Performer

1. Originator

You are an original person, no copycatting for you.

You are a wealth of thoughts and new ideas.

You can come across as arrogant and stubborn at times.

You are honest to a fault and you can be diplomatic when the need is called for.

You are willing to take on initiatives and this makes you a great leader.

2. Peacemaker

You are a natural peacemaker.

You are diplomatic, and you always think of others before yourself.

You enjoy your alone time, but also like the company of others.

You can be shy and lack self-confidence.

Once you feel comfortable with the people around you, you can express yourself well and shyness takes a back seat.

3. Life of the Party

You can be the life and soul of the party.

You are one of life’s idealists which makes you easy going and sociable.

You start off with good ideas, but you bore easily so tend not to complete them and pass your ideas to others to fulfil.

You’re the one who holds the impromptu parties after the bars have closed, so will find people gravitating towards you as the night begins to close.

4. Conservative

You’re traditional.

Routine is a must for you, as if chaos ensues you can panic regarding the outcome.

You like being outdoors in nature getting your hands dirty, so horticulture is your thing.

You can be stubborn at times which drives those around you insane.

5. Nonconformist

You are a risk taker, the bigger the risk the better.

You enjoy exploring and thinking out of the box.

People who want all the answers before making a decision annoy you, you can’t see why they just don’t go with life’s flow.

6. Romantic

You are idealistic and have strong connections with your family, it’s what keeps you happy and balanced.

You are aware that your actions impact and influence others.

You love art and music, you’re one of life’s natural teachers.

You are loyal to a fault which can result in you being hurt.

7. Intellectual

You are always searching for the truth.

You will not allow your emotions to impact your decisions, this is often mistaken for stubbornness.

You prefer your own company as you will not suffer fools gladly, solitude works for you though, as it gives you time to research what interests you the most.

8. Big Shot

You are big headed!

You are blunt and decisive.

You are an excellent problem solver which serves you well in your profession.

You love to take charge so being a boss works for you.

You aim high in the earnings stake as you love luxury items and homes.

9. Performer

You perform well in public, you charm people and have no problem making friends, it’s keeping them that’s the issue.

You appear to have so many different personalities that your friends and family have problems understanding who you really are.

You are a generous person, and this can lead to you being used by those who want things in life you can provide, once you have given them what they want, they are off.