The little sea slugs will leave you wondering if they’re a plant or animal!?

Every time you think you have seen it all mother nature comes and throws you a sucker punch!! There are creatures on this planet that get their life force from the sun, much like a plant!! They even look like one too! Leaf sheep have to be one of the strangest animals on the planet.

They look like a farm animal, functions as a plant, and live in the sea!

Deriving most of their energy from the sun these little sea slugs are technically animals but one look at them will leave you feeling confused. They look just like a plant if plants had faces.

When leaf sheep eat algae, they suck out the chloroplasts and incorporate them into their bodies in a process called kleptoplasty.

“This process, which otherwise can only be performed by single-celled organisms, essentially makes them solar-powered slugs!” Bored Panda notes.

The little creatures have a face like a cow but From the back look exactly like a house plant.

These guys are pretty small coming in at about 5 mm long and are only found in shallow marine waters in Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. If you ever find yourself in that part of the world you will have to be sure to check out this one of a kind creature.