The Love Between An Aunt And A Niece Is Unique And Should Be Cherished Forever

There are always people in our lives that influence us we grow and never more so than if you are lucky enough to have an Aunt. They are like a mother, sister and friend all rolled into one.

Aunts are always happy to play

Aunts enjoy spending time with their nieces even from the baby stage. They are enthralled at this new little person who they love deeply. They love to play and plan fun trips out just the two of you, as bonding with you is very important to them.

Aunts give great gifts

Aunts are the ones who tend to get the gifts that your parents wouldn’t consider as they see their nieces differently. You’ll often find your parents doing an eye roll at your Aunts gift whereas you the niece is excited and loving what they have been given.

Aunts can provide a new outlook on the world

Aunts are the women who have grown up with a different outlook on life than what their niece’s parents have. Perhaps she is more traveled as she has yet to settle down, and she will talk about her experiences and her niece will see her as a great explorer and a woman of the world.

Aunts can provide discipline without being too harsh

Never to mistake Aunts as a pushover, they will discipline just the same as their niece’s parents but this does tend to have a gentler approach and for some reason, their nieces listen whereas when it is given by the parents, temper tantrums and shouting tends to come out.

Aunts make great babysitters

They love to babysit their niece as this gives them quality time and helps the parents to have a much-needed break. Aunts make the time special building memories, bedtime can be blanket forts and lots of stories, whereas bedtime at home is pretty much scheduled and fast.

Aunts can tell stories about their niece’s

They have great stories to share with their niece about their time growing up with their niece’s parents. Sometimes telling stories that make their niece see their mom or dad in a whole new light, sometimes this is a blessing and other times a curse.

Aunts can support parents

Being a parent is hard work, having an Aunt in the family supports the parents to have much needed time to themselves, or to discuss issues or concerns about the child that the Aunt may very well have a different perspective on.

Aunts are good role models

Aunts are good at leading by example, sometimes telling a child to do something isn’t enough. Parents often do the telling whereas Aunts will show how her niece should behave. They are great at stepping in and talking to their nieces that how they are behaving isn’t right or fair on the parents.

Aunts can offer advice

Sometimes the niece may feel she can’t talk about her problems with her parents but turns to her Aunt for advice and support. They often help them work through their worries but do advise to share their worries with her parents and will be strong in saying you should tell them if it is something serious or I will have to.

Aunts can act as mediators between children and parents

Parents and children fight, especially as the niece grows from child to teenager. For the parents, they wonder where their little girl has gone, and for the Aunt she sees a young woman evolving with her own mind and remembers when she was doing the same.

Aunts might have children of their own

Aunts who have their own children see the support system of cousins developing. Cousins play an important role in her nieces’ life especially if her niece is an only child.

Aunts are women to be treasured if you are lucky enough to have one.