The Mistakes Each Zodiac Sign Makes When It Comes To Dating

We all make mistakes when dating, but when those mistakes keep repeating themselves it could be down to your zodiac sign why you act that way.


Every date has to be perfect! This doesn’t help at all whilst you think you are making your date feel special it is in fact having the opposite affect and making them feel they are not good enough for you. You need to relax and go with the flow if you do then you might just find yourself making the second date.


You are one of the zodiac’s returners! You keep going back to what hurt and broke you as you think trying again and again will somehow make it work out right. Nothing good ever comes from living that cycle of emotions. Time to break free and date someone new, you will find so much good in doing so.


Despite being full of fun and laughter, you have a wall that many fail to notice which leaves them thinking you can be a bit of a cold fish and only good for fun and games rather than a long-term commitment. You hide your feelings as you are scared of getting hurt again, not everyone is out to hurt you, try and let someone in next time.


You are sensitive and show your feelings, talk about heart on your sleeve and this means people take advantage of you. You need to toughen up a bit and put any relationship on your footing, this is not being domineering, this is protecting yourself from being used. If the person doesn’t like it then they are not for you after all.


You are guarded and this causes you to push people away, which makes for a difficult date. This is your fear taking over and you feel you would rather be alone than hurt again. Not everyone is out to hurt you and until you learn to relax somewhat you will end up single for a long time to come.


Good God woman stop analysing everything and that includes your love life. Life is not a list of “to do’s”. Life can’t be planned down to the last letter and that includes dating. If the date isn’t for you say so instead of doing a disappearing act, that’s cold and selfish and you wouldn’t like it being done to you.


You give people lots of chances and most of the time they don’t deserve it. You tell yourself all the positives of your date but ignore that bad that leads you into a cycle of dating that is far from healthy for you. No one is perfect and its time you faced that fact. Do what is healthy for you and your future, as betrayal is no way to live and when someone constantly gets away with treating you badly they won’t stop until you call time.


You overthink everything and it is your biggest enemy. You may not realize it but dating you is hard work and scares people away. You almost interview your date picking off the bad points and focusing on them. Trust isn’t a given love so stop expecting your date to give that straight away, or you will continue to drive people away.


You talk way too much and this can be rather off putting to some people. By all means talk to get to know each other, but that means giving your date the chance to speak rather than having to sit there and listen to you all night long. Getting to know someone is a two-way street, just let the date evolve naturally.


Your mistake is when things get too hard you bury your head in the sand, rather than talk about what is bothering you. You are often found throwing yourself into work and saying you have too much on to go on a date rather than say, you don’t want to date them anymore or discuss what is bothering you, keep this up and you will find yourself alone.


You ignore red flags that are screaming at you to exit the relationship. You keep going on the dates even though their behavior is toxic and has a negative impact on you. Time to be bold and accept that toxic people never change and you need to remove them from your life, as you will continue to be miserable until you do.


You struggle to say “no” and therefore lack boundaries so people take advantage of you. You are the one always there for them no matter what, so they walk all over you, sometimes even to the point of bullying you and that is not a relationship, that’s an ownership. Put up some boundaries from the very first date and you will find life runs smoother.