The New Weird AF Nail Trend For 2020, Tiny Hands And Feet

We have had some really weird nail trends over time what with teeth- Urghh and bugs in nails, but this latest trend has me reaching for the sick bucket, as I can’t stand feet as it is!

The well-known creative folks over on Instagram @nail_sunny have started this year off with what has to be their weirdest idea yet.

There is even a short tutorial on how to do it, if that is your thing, the tiny fingers just make my skin crawl.

The strange creation got a mixed response from fellow Instagram users. One said: “This is worse than the bug nails but I’m kind of into it.”

While another added: “Really wish I wouldn’t have been eating/licking my finger when I decided to watch this.” While others simply commented “FEARFUL”, “Why?!” and “weird.”

Seriously this for me is something of nightmares and I have to agree it’s a “FEARFUL” idea!