The People That Love Social Media The Most According To Their Zodiac Sign

We all have a love-hate relationship with social media, these signs appear to love social media the most.


This sign is very active on all social media sites. They check their accounts before they even get out of bed to see what has been posted whilst they slept. They love posting selfies checking in as their day goes on and posting their favorite songs.

They find surfing social media relaxing and you won’t find them in places where there is no internet connection as that just wouldn’t do. They love keeping their friends updated and you will most certainly see numerous pictures as their day goes on, even what they are eating.


This sign lives for social media, they have numerous accounts and they are constantly posting and sharing even if no one even bothers to like what they have posted as for them they share what amuses them most. They have plenty of friends on their accounts some they haven’t even met but can relate to as they have similar tastes.

They prefer interacting with people online and they are extremely blunt and speak their mind even if it results in people in unfriending them, they just don’t care, if they think it, they say it.


The selfie expert they know just how to take the perfect selfie and they always look amazing in their pictures. They live their life on social media and their greatest love of the camera, which they use to express themselves and show their life as each day goes by.

They capture all the important events and tag people to death. No one gets to miss what they post as you can’t help but like the pictures and interact with them. They are so good even a professional photographer would be envious of what a Libra posts.


Total king or queen of social media. You will always see them as showing as active you wonder when on earth do, they sleep. They are passionate about many subjects so their social media accounts will be full of many causes that they hold dear and what others to show an interest in too.

They take pictures of absolutely everything, even a morning coffee they got on their way to work. They have an amazing smile and they know it, and it shows in their numerous selfies. You will find them posting inspirational quotes as they love to give their friends a lift when perhaps they are feeling down.


This sign uses social media to get all the up to date information from around the world. They are no fools though they can spot fake news a mile off and are loud about it. They are not ones to post loads of selfies but are willing to be in group pictures and quite happy to be tagged.

They are very intelligent and will comment answers to people’s questions and are not afraid to post their opinions whether wanted or not. When they know they are right about a subject they have no problems getting involved in a heavy debate which can get peoples backs up, the truth is they do know what they are talking about and can be found posting links to prove their point if people won’t believe what they say.