The Powerful Traits Of An Indigo

Indigos are different from everyone else. They have unique abilities and are believed to have lived many lifetimes here on earth. They are warriors and very intuitive and will go above and beyond what most people would for what they believe in.

Below are some traits and characteristics all indigos carry. If you carry these traits, you too may be indigo in nature.

13 Traits All Indigos Carry:

  1. They are often better at learning with hands-on things.

Where most people can learn by reading and attending lessons, Indigos learn best hands-on, they need to be treated differently, and sitting them at a desk will not work, they will struggle and feel hemmed in.

  1. They cannot stand to see others in pain.

They can’t abide to see anything in pain, it hurts them deeply as they are very empathetic and compassionate. They feel every ounce of life on earth without knowing what they are feeling until something changes and they become aware of the pain that is being felt.

  1. They are extremely creative people.

Indigos are the most creative people. That is why it is often thought that some of the greatest artists ever known where Indigos. They have the ability to create something that can literally take people’s breath away.

  1. They tend to keep small circles.

They don’t like to be surrounded by lots of people. They trust only a few and keep their circle small. They only keep people around them who are 100% genuine all the time.

  1. They are not interested in rules that hold them back.

Indigos will not allow anything or anyone to hold them back. They are the rule-breakers, the ones who think nothing of breaking barriers down if it is holding them back.

  1. They are sometimes quite headstrong.

Indigos are stubborn, they will not back down once they have made a decision. You will find them rigid this isn’t arrogance it is just that they see the world differently to others and as they feel and know time is short, they will not waste time placating people around them.

  1. They get bored quite easily.

Indigos get bored quickly and they won’t be slow in telling you if you bore them. They believe in honest conversations and keeping an Indigo entertained is always a challenge.

  1. They cannot be guilted into things.

If you think you can guilt an Indigo into doing what you want then you are mistaken. They know their reason for being here and they will not stray from their path just because you have attempted to guilt them into your way of thinking.

  1. They feel very special.

Indigos know they are different from other people; they carry themselves differently and this is often mistaken as arrogance and self-absorption. It isn’t they are in fact the least self-absorbed people on the planet, you may not see that as you view things a certain way.

  1. They always make sure their needs are met.

Indigos only go without if there is no choice, they will ensure their needs are fulfilled as this keeps them strong and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

  1. They heavily rely on their intuitive side.

Their intuitiveness is so powerful they follow it always, they will not ignore any feelings they have as they know it is true and will not let them down.

  1. They vibrate at a higher frequency than most.

They have a glow about them, even if you can’t see the light of the energy you can certainly feel it.

  1. They are very independent in their thoughts.

No amount of clever words used will make them change their mind. They know what is right and that is the path they will always follow.