The YouTube influencer who killed his pregnant girlfriend on a live stream is srill claiming he’s innocent

Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay’s pregnant girlfriend, who was killed on a live stream, died from “appalling and multiple head injuries,” according to Russian law enforcement.

Reeflay, whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov, was reportedly paid by viewers to abuse his girlfriend, Valentina “Valya” Grigoryeva, on camera. During the live stream, Reshetnikov abused Grigoryeva and called her a prostitute.

It was previously believed Grigoryeva died from being locked outside in her underwear in subzero temperatures, also seen live by viewers. Grigoryeva was outside on a balcony for about 15 minutes, nearly naked. When Reshetnikov brought her back inside, she appeared dead, and one viewer called the police.

After bringing Grigoryeva inside, viewers heard Reshetnikov saying “Valya, damn, you look like you are dead. Bunny, come on… tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn… I’m not [feeling] her heartbeat.”

“Guys… No pulse… She’s pale. She is not breathing,” Reshetnikov told his viewers.

Viewers saw police and paramedics arrive on the scene and pronounce Grigoryeva dead on the live stream, which is believed to have continued for two hours after Grigoryeva died.

Though Reshetnikov appeared heartbroken and remorseful at first, he later said, “What is there to regret? I didn’t really do anything,” according to Meawww.

Olga Vrady, an official with the Russian Investigative Committee, declared Grigoryeva’s death a result of “craniocerebral trauma.” Vrady also said Grigoryeva suffered “multiple bruising on the face and hemorrhaging of soft tissues,” according to the Daily Mail.

Reshetnikov is now under investigation for manslaughter and could serve 15 years if convicted. Reshetnikov, however, maintains his innocence. He claims Grigoryeva died of a stroke while outside in the cold.

Despite the gruesome footage, YouTube and TikTok were struggling to remove the video in its entirety from their platforms several days after the killing took place.