The Zodiac Sign To Avoid According To The Sign You Were Born Under

We often wonder who it would be wise to avoid in life, your sign can guide you which one to avoid at all cost.


You should avoid: CANCER

You are one of the go-getter signs of the zodiac which means that someone who is cancer is no good for you as they are far too emotional and sensitive for you. You would find yourself having to think before you speak even on simple matters and you don’t have time for that.


You should avoid: GEMINI

Gemini’s are intense people; they are hard to pin down to commit to anything and their constant changing of their minds will drive you crazy. You like structure in your life and the last thing you want is someone constantly blowing up your peace and tranquillity. A Gemini would become bored with you too, so save yourself the heartache.


You should avoid: VIRGO

Virgos thrive on structure and routine, everything has to be planned so your character traits of fun, spontaneity, and mind flips would be painful on both sides. You want to have fun, they will say they do too as long as it can be booked in two weeks in advance, so nothing spontaneous about that.


You should avoid: CAPRICORN

You’re very emotional, you nurture those around you, you show love easily and a Capricorn just can’t express themselves this way. They are reserved almost to the point of detachment and that cold behavior just won’t work for you. You need someone willing to put in just as much effort into the relationship as you do.


You should avoid: LIBRA

Libra like life to be balanced so if you keep pulling them into different directions that tip their scales they fall down. They want life to be harmonious, peaceful and they avoid all conflict. Whereas you speak your mind and can be challenging with a passion that scares a Libra half to death.


You should avoid: SAGITTARIUS

You have to have structure and balance whereas a Sagittarius loves life to be full and adventurous, thrill, and excitement, the total opposite of how you are. To be together would be a nightmare on both sides and you’d be lucky to make it past the first date.


You should avoid: PISCES

Pisces are needy people, which demands much on your time. They are intense people who need to feel loved and you just don’t have the time to be showing every second what you are thinking or feeling, real life isn’t like that, but as Pisces lives in a dream world its why they need so much love from you.


You should avoid: LEO

This relationship would be like permanently living in a war zone. You rarely agree on anything as you are so opposite. You both want to be the center of attention to the point it becomes a competition and living life always competing is just so exhausting. You both have so many dislikes of each other’s traits its best to avoid each other altogether.


You should avoid: TAURUS

You like to plan ahead so much so that you find yourself living in your next adventure that hasn’t even happened yet, whereas the Taurean live life day by day. They like to be controlling and that includes you as control is one of your biggest hates in life. Ironically you would work well as friends but never anything more.


You should avoid: ARIES

You are a private person and you take your time getting to know someone as you find it hard to trust. Aries have little patience for slowness as they want everything now, yesterday would be even better. You both have set ideas which are opposite to each other so too much arguing will take place which is draining.


You should avoid: SCORPIO

Scorpios are jealous people; they won’t like you spending time with friends and family unless they are included and even then they may get irritated that you give your attention to those at the gathering rather than having just time for them. You are far too free-spirited to be involved with such a possessive person.


You should avoid: AQUARIUS

You are a person who feels everything deeply and someone who is an Aquarius has the wrong energy for you. They leave you feeling drained and they lack empathy for your feelings, before long you find yourself avoiding them and people like them as the cost to yourself is too high.