The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Confident To Most Insecure

People who are confident inspire those around them. People are drawn to them as they feel they can be trusted and someone who they can turn to for any advice.

Nobody has a never-ending supply of confidence; everyone has moments of doubt that is just how human nature works.

According to the zodiac, the level of confidence you may have could all be down to the sign you are born under.


A Leo just oozes confidence so it is no wonder they are in the number one spot. They have the knack of knowing what to say and do at exactly the right time and they sure know what they are talking about.


A Scorpio knows their faults and works with them to improve themselves. They have this air about them that fills people with confidence and they do acknowledge that they have a few faults, but it is these faults that they use to their advantage and that is why they appear so confident to others.


A Capricorn knows their self-worth. They refuse to allow anyone to bring them down, they are highly intelligent and quick-witted, but with a kind heart. They are pretty much a lone wolf so don’t care what others think about them which is always a good way to be to show the world how confident they are in their own skin.


A Sagittarius can take criticism without taking it personally. They just take it on board and keep rolling on with their life. They won’t be found throwing shady insults in retaliation, as to them that is the actions of someone with character flaws which they won’t allow. If you hate them, trust me they won’t care they have seen your shady ass and moved on.


A Pisces shows confidence to people around them, but once alone they have moments of insecurity. They can be found picking faults with themselves and imagining all kinds of problems, yet once in company this disappears and confident Pisces is back in play.


An Aries has to keep up appearances to everyone around them, they appear rock solid, thick-skinned and nothing bothers them. The reality is very different, they are actually very sensitive people. If you upset them, they will never allow you to see them cry, they come back at you with sarcasm and jokes. They have this way of not appearing weak which gives a don’t care attitude which is not the case.


A Taurus wants the world to see them for their brain, their intelligence and not their looks. This causes them to act way smarter at times than they really are so they play a good game, sadly, this makes them appear as someone who is always having to be better than everyone else, the reality is they are insecure and are just trying to prove they do know things and are not stupid.


Libras desire the approval of others; they need it to feel good about themselves. They look for compliments from others, not to feed their ego but to give them confidence about themselves. They have this drive to know what other people are thinking about them and they need reassurances all the time.


The Gemini is the chameleon, they change how they behave depending on who they are with at the time. What one person sees will not be the same as another and this is where conflicting views about them come from. They react to how they are treated so their confidence levels vary.


Cancers think way too much about how others perceive them. They are well known for caring too much and this comes across in people’s opinions too. Should you get angry with someone who is under the sign of Cancer the hurt runs deep and in the hurt, their confidence leaves the room.


Those under Aquarius are great projectors. They live this life through the lens taking lots of pictures, they tell stories of what they have been doing to make their life look perfect. Look under this fake façade and you will see a very different life, one that can be lonely and quite boring. They lack the confidence to just be real.


Virgos have a real fear of looking stupid, they are not really a people person, they have the classic naked person dreams when they have a public speaking event coming up. They overthink everything and never relax, so they come across as anxious at times with zero confidence.