There Is No Way Of Taming The Beast Who Is A Narcissist

You think you can change the man you’re dating, don’t you? Despite everything he has done to you and continues doing you still think you can bring back the man he showed you when you first met.

The thing is that man doesn’t really exist. The man you met was just an illusion. He made himself out to be all you have hoped and wished for, and once he had you then his true face was revealed.

You may not even be aware what a narcissist is, many don’t until it’s is too late. It isn’t until you find yourself with a narcissist that questions begin to fill your mind and you go looking for answers and they are the answers you wish you had never found.

Once you find the answers and see all the red flags and warnings in the numerous articles available online you find yourself literally sitting there in disbelief and can’t believe you have been taken in by this man.

Those thoughts and emotions are ones that everyone who has been involved with a narcissist goes through and even knowing all this there have been many of us that still think we can change them back to the man we fell in love with.

You can’t sweetheart, and you need to face that reality, as heart-breaking as the truth is, it is one you must face.

I hate to tell you this, but you must get up and walk away because if you don’t the way your life is now that made you seek answers is going to get much worse.

You were never his Queen a title he gave you, you were/are his plaything for him to use as, when and how he likes. He will never consider your thoughts or feelings unless they feed his needs.

You are his trophy and like a trophy won he will display you for all to see. But don’t make the mistake of thinking because of this he treasures you, he doesn’t, in his mind, he owns you and can, therefore, do whatever he likes to you and even those you love.

Often, narcissists are mistaken for an alpha man, he is not, far from it. A true alpha-man would never treat the woman in his life this way, nor are they devious and out to hurt those that you love.

We all like to believe that we are the ‘special woman’ oh we are special but not in the way we like to think. We are his special chosen subject as we have something he wants and once he gets what he wants he will toss us aside and move on to the next victim.

Their entire being is all about feeding their own needs, the beast within is a dark hateful soul and there is no cure for someone this dark despite what medical professionals may claim, as to get the help they need to admit there is an issue and they will never do that.

It hurts like hell to find you have given so much of yourself to him, you have fallen deeply in love, but that love is not returned. Whatever displays of affection they have given you is 100% fake, they are incapable of loving anyone but themselves.

Do yourself the biggest favor anyone can bestow on themselves and walk away, it will be hard and painful but you will thank yourself in the long run.

Take time to yourself and heal, love yourself and know none of this was your fault.