There Will Always Be People Who Hate The Light That Shines From You

We all have auras what isn’t always clear is that some people we have around us affect how our auras shine and if you are spending time with someone who is negative and toxic over time our auras begin to dim when they once shone brightly which is what attracted the toxic people to us.

Toxic people have inner demons they struggle with, they become angry and full of hatred for the world, and if they see someone living a life, they wish they had they make you a target and want you to feel the pain they are in too.

Energies intertwine with each other and that is why you feel drained after spending time with a toxic person. They are energy vampires who will take and take until you are empty and have nothing left to give.

There are some ways you can protect yourself from them.

8 Ways To Protect Your Aura:

  1. Smudging

Smudging has been used for centuries and it is a good way to clean the bad energy in your home and on yourself too. Once you have smudge you will feel lighter, more energetic and your home will feel back to your private haven that it once was.

  1. Remain Grounded

Grounded people function better, if you find yourself drained of energy take a walk barefoot is possible and feel the earth’s energy replenish you.

  1. Add Some Salt

Salt has always been seen as purifying and protective. If you can’t smudge then adding some salt to the four corners of the room is a great alternative. Pink Himalayan salt is the best one to use and it will absorb all the negative energies.

  1. White Light Meditation

Meditating is always a great way to clear your mind, you will find yourself feeling lifted and not so heavy. Close your eyes and imagine a white light protecting you it will help keep your aura from being attacked.

  1. Leave Negativity At The Door

Each time you enter your home, your sacred space leave the negativity at the door. Before entering your home imagine the negative energy hitting a wall that can’t be breached and picture it remaining outside as you enter and that it is blocked and unable to follow you.

  1. Carrying Crystals

There are so many crystals to choose from, but the best for protecting your aura are amber, Smokey quartz, tourmaline, and amethyst. Anyone of these will help keep your aura clean. Keep one in your pocket and place it in your hand if you feel your aura is being drained.

  1. Open Things Up

Sometimes energy can become stagnant and hard to remove, if you do all of the above and still feel the negativity, open all your windows and doors and picture the negative energy flying out the windows and doors.

  1. Cut Contact

If you can cut contact, this isn’t always possible as the toxic person may be a work colleague. Reduce your interaction as much as possible. Everyone else remove from your life it is crucial to your mental well-being to do this.