There Will Always Be People Who Want To Dim Your Shine, Don’t Let Them

There will always be people around you that just hate the fact that your light shines brightly from you.

They are jealous that you have this incredible presence about yourself that draws people to you.

You have the strength and you empathize with people when they are in pain, you are sensitive to how they are feeling and feel their emotions deeply.

There is nothing wrong with being like this, but the downside is you also draw people who just suck the nice right out of you.

You do absorb their negative energy too and if you find yourself in that position you need to set boundaries fast if you can’t simply walk away.

Being a martyr won’t make others like you more

Not everyone is going to like you, especially the ones that you see through and seriously why should you care about them anyway.

Do not explain your boundaries to anyone, the second you start explaining they have in reality already breached your boundaries. Behind your boundaries is your peace of mind, never give that away to anyone.

Don’t allow yourself to absorb people’s negative energy thinking you are helping them and that they will like you for it, it will make you unhappy and you are worth more than that.

You do not need anyone’s approval, you’re badass and you know it!

Start selecting the people you invite in your company

Look at the people you spend time with, if they suck the nice right out of you then you need to let them go, remove them from your environment, if it’s a work situation put up barriers, even better find a new job that feeds your soul.

Positive energy will always attract those with negative energy its just a way of life.

You are evolving, growing into who you are and sometimes that means some friends are not part of that evolution, friendships change.

As you evolve and grow you will find your circle gets smaller and smaller, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you, after all, thrive with the right tribe.

Stop paying attention to negative people

Keeping people in your life because you can’t let go yet may happen, you need to remember though that whilst they are still around, they will be draining you as they have always done.

Perhaps try breaking the amount of contact you have slowly bit by bit until they move off on their own, as that is what normally happens, once you no longer serve their needs.

Emotional vampires are what they are you may find yourself feeling anxious for no good reason, depression may set in, feeling constantly exhausted are all signs you are absorbing their negative energy and they are taking your positive energy by the bucket load.

Take responsibility for your own feelings

Do not empower people to hurt you or touch your shining bright soul.

How you react to someone treating you wrong is within you, if you don’t react they can’t be fed, and yes, some will keep pushing for a reaction until you break as the drama that could unfold is what they need to feed upon.

Don’t mistake bottling up as not feeding them either as that is unhealthy, let forth your anger when you feel the need to but under your control and on your terms.

None of us are saints and we do find our buttons pushed and the bad bitch come out, just do it your way in your own time.

Have respect and love for yourself, you don’t have to fit in at all, be you, be happy and above all don’t let anyone dim your shine.