There’s Nothing More Dangerous Than A Woman Who Decides To Move On

A woman is always considered the softest and fragile creature on this earth. A man with a giant ego is always too blind to see the capabilities of his woman and thinks that he can treat her however he wants, but hold on! Your woman is not with you because she is dependent on you and she can’t survive without you.

Try her patience beyond her limit and she will teach you a lesson that you will remember for a lifetime.

Once the soft and fragile woman you thought she was turned into stone, she can never be melted for you again.

If a man thinks his woman can’t leave him or she will die without him, he should fix his mind because a woman’s only need from a man is his loyalty, care, and attention. If she doesn’t get it from him, she will become strong enough to realize that she deserves more, and she will decide to move on.

She will give you every chance to fix your mistakes and be better to her, but once she is done with tolerating your crap, she will be gone from your life. No matter how hard you try, she will never be back.

A weak man is not capable of loving a strong woman, or any woman for that matter. No matter how strong or passionate a woman is, a weak man can never ever be worthy of her. He has no abilities and potential to love her. In fact, such men envy strong women and always cheat on them. They can’t stand strong women being superior to them as some men have no acceptance of someone tougher and more skilled than them.

Being in a relationship with the wrong person is a big mistake. If you are among those who are stuck in the wrong relationship, don’t take a second thought to move on. No matter, how much you are hurt or how much you feel for him, walk away as it will take you nowhere. Do not put up with the bullcrap any longer.

Life never ends, and for every sad-ending chapter, there is a new beginning of another happy chapter.

A woman can be warm and passionate. Her sweetness is her strength and weakness at the same time, but only an ignorant man will take it as weakness. They think they can take advantage of the softness as much as they want, but they are wrong. They are too foolish to see the true beauty and might of a woman.

She will love her man with all her capacity and heart, but if a man is unable to provide her what she requires, she will move on after giving him plenty of chances. She will give more chances than he deserves. She would never want him to let go, but if she makes up her mind, no one on earth can stop her.

After that certain point, no matter what you do to keep her, to please her, to be with her, she will not care. She will turn into a stone that can’t be broken. She will move on with her life and never look back to you ever! So keep in mind when you hurt her, when you cheat on her and when you betray her, once she’s built a wall around her, nothing can break it. You could turn yourself into gold or platinum, she won’t care anymore.

She loves you from deep in her heart and if she can’t get the loyalty and respect she deserves in return, she will not continue to take it. She will not care about the circumstances, nor will she bother with the rules of society and the loss she will bear, she is a strong woman.

She will kick all the hurdles that come in her way and fly away like an injured bird. No matter how hard you try to keep her, once she has moved on from you, she has no plan to return to you.

She will never beg you for your love or devotion, she will walk away where you can’t reach her ever again.