These epic makeup fails are definitely a ‘beauty’ to behold.

Makeup has truly become an art form in this day and age. Just like art, I know that a lot of it is totally subjective. Whatever makes you feel good is usually just fine by me. But sometimes some of the choices people make when they are expressing themselves leaves me side-eyeing everything. From folks who truly do not seem to understand what the actual color of their skin is to others that end up looking closer to a clown than the coifed royalty, they might be aiming for. 

This has to be a costume?

There’s a subreddit called Bad MakeUp Artists, and the photos people post in there have an “Instagram vs. Reality” vibe to them. In the sense that it’s hard to imagine a person applying that much foundation or eye shadow, thinking ‘Yeah, this is going to look great!’ 

Pinsandpearls, one of the moderators of Bad MakeUp Artists, said ‘bad makeup’ probably means different things to different people, which is why the subreddit has such a wide variety of posts. “Typically, we’re looking at makeup that isn’t applied skillfully — lack of blending where appropriate, terrible foundation color match, messy lines,” Pinsandpearls explained to Bored Panda. “I don’t think it includes things that are maybe ‘different’ than you would normally see, as long as the actual application is good (editorial makeup, for example). We still allow some of those posts because it usually has a good discussion and taste is subjective, but I think there’s a difference between ‘different’ and ‘bad.’ Bad is pretty obvious when you see it.”

I actually love her eyes but the skin tone is…
Seems like a fail

Lucky for us whether or not these were serious makeup jobs or just jokes for the Gram they were kind enough to photograph and share these awesome moments with us. So now we are going to share a few of our favorites with you. 

The left is a sad imitation of the right
Their hands are 6 shades lighter