These four crystals are perfect to amplify your love this Valentines day

It should not surprise anyone that crystals can amplify the love in your life. Judt gazing into their prismatic colors and iridescent dimensions is enough to make your heart flutter. When you hold a crystal jn your hand it can have the same effect. It can feel as though you’re absorbing mystical power right into your being. With Valentines day fast approaching, you might be in the mood for romance. Are you in the mood for romance. So you may be wondering how you can best use your crystals for love? We can help.

There are so many ways to use your crystals besides just admiring their beauty. You can use crystals to enhance your life. You can meditate with them and feel their healing properties flowing through you. You can even keep them close to you by wearing them as jewelry, so that you take their magic with you wherever you go. By arranging a few crystals throughout your home, you’ve created a sacred space filled with harmony. As for me, I love picking out a crystal to bring with me wherever I go. Depending on what situation I’m entering, I’ll pick a crystal (or two) that matches the energy I need. If I need courage, I’ll wear my carnelian bracelet. If I need clarity, I’ll wear my clear quartz necklace.

While Valentine’s Day is meant for honoring all things related to love, it’s not the only day out the year where you could use a loving crystal. You’re a sensitive being and any of the following crystals will not only attract love, but remind you to love yourself.

Rose Quartz

Of any loving crystal on Earth, rose quartz is the first one that comes to mind. With its shimmering pink hues, it reminds you of affection instantly. Despite its obviously romantic vibrations, rose quartz contains a love that extends far deeper than Valentine’s Day sentimentality. It pours empathy straight into you, allowing you to love even the most difficult people to love and to set aside your own flaws and see the beauty that runs within you.


It’s hard not to think of love when you set your eyes on the soft bluish-green color of turquoise. This crystal establishes a strong connection between the earthly plane and the spirit world, allowing you to heal yourself with a love that is so pure and light that it comes from another world. Using turquoise in your life is a sure way to attract positive vibrations, cleanse yourself from spiritual exhaustion, and emotional pain. No matter where it hurts, turquoise will soothe you.

Lapis Lazuli

Aren’t you simply soaked in a romantic dreamworld when you’re anywhere near the silky, dusky deep blue of lapis lazuli? If you’re in the mood for a love that is on the verge of worship and reverence, look no further. This stone is so passionate and regal that ancient Egyptians would use lapis lazuli as burial decorations for only the most important members of their society. In ancient Greece, lapis lazuli was used to honor Venus, the goddess of love, according to The symbolic connection between lapis lazuli and all things romantic in this world has never ended.

Emerald Stone

Surrounding yourself with the deep green of emerald that shimmers like ocean water basking in the sun is to surround yourself with love. This stone is completely connected to matters of the heart, as the color of the heart chakra is also green. Its color is associated with love, abundance, and prosperity, so to bring emerald with you is to invite a life full of luxury and positivity. It lets you be unapologetic with your love and strong in your happiness. There’s no need to hold back.