These mermaid tattoos will be sure to have you dreaming of living under the sea!

Mermaids are the true goddesses of the sea. So much so that many of us spent our childhood dreaming of being these ethereal sea creatures. For as long as I could remember any time I found myself in a body of water I would swim with my feet pressed together praying they would turn into fins.

But alas, I have been cursed with keeping these feet forever. But that won’t stop me from dreaming about clamshell bikinis and underwater Utopias. One of the ways people have found to satiate this burning desire to live under the sea is with creative and beautiful tattoos! Here is a look at some of our absolute favorite mermaid tributes!

Probably the most classic tribute tattoo are beautiful scales! Placed strategically to remind you how beautiful it would be to swim under the sea.

This amazing piece is one of my favorite!
This simple foot tattoo of scales reminds you of the fins you’d love to have!
Another set of beautiful pastel scales!
Captures the true essence of a fin tail!

The most classic mermaid that almost everybody knows is Ariel. So you will be sure to see a number of tribute tattoos to her!

An omage to the best-known mermaid around!
We love the addition of Flounder and Sebastian here!
A true under water princess in color!

Then there are also the more classic mermaid tattoos. Reminiscent of the days of sailors and sea creatures.

More American traditional and a little risque!
Loving the dark hair!!
Sailors used to write notes and cork them in bottles sending them out to sea hoping one day they would make landfall. The truest love note.

Some tattoos are a little less obvious. We all know shells are mermaids best accessory! Here are a few tattoos dedicated to them.

Small and strategically placed the shell is a classic

No matter what type of mermaid tattoo you have it’s likely to be one of our mermaid obsessed favorites!!! Now off to plan my next ink appointment!! Fins and all.

The bright colors on this make my heart Happy!
This is zodiac mermaid crossover is one amazing piece
Tails holding the key to our hearts
This Whimsical mermaid makes you really feel like she’s swimming under sea.