These signs all point to your relationship being the ONE

Spending your life with someone is a beautiful thing. As long as the person you choose to spend it with is truly the one for you. It’s important to ensure you’re with someone that builds you up and enhances your life. There are tell-tale signs that show if your partner is the right fit for you. From the way, he acts around your family to what he tells you when you’re alone. Paying attention to those signs can save you a lifetime of misery!

1. He likes your family (or at least tolerates them). 

Bringing your significant member into the fold of your family isn’t always going to be the easiest thing. But i is something that is super important especially if you are close with your family and have them integrated into your daily life. Your partner doesn’t have to be best friends with your family, but he should never make you feel as though you need to choose between the two. He should be understanding of your family dynamic and supportive when you need him to be, but at the same time, he should never be directly disrespectful to them. A good partner will work to enhance your relationship with your family, not hinder it.

2. Your conversations don’t get stale. 

You might think the longer you’ve been together the harder it would be to find new things to talk about. But in most healthy relationships it is actually the opposite of that. In fact when your partner is your best friend the conversation never gets old. When you can always find something new to talk about you know that you have a good relationship. It’s a good sign when they’re consistently the first person you want to share the news with. There will of course be moments of silence, but these will be tranquil rather than awkward.

3. He respects your boundaries. 

Boundaries are key in any relationship. Making sure you clearly express them is important so your partner knows what is and isn’t acceptable. They should never want to hurt you and should be totally willing to respect the boundaries you’ve laid out. Even if it isn’t the most comfortable thing for them. He’ll make every effort to ensure you’re comfortable with the direction things are going. He’ll always be open and respectful when it comes to listening to your side and will actively work to improve the issues that you point out.

4. Things go smoothly in the bedroom. 

Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship by a long shot. In fact, if that’s the only positive attribute your relationship has going that’s a problem. But part of having a strong connection is being on the same page when it comes to your sexual energy. That doesn’t mean you won’t have dry spells or points of disagreement, but rather that the two of you are open to hearing each other out and working through it.  

5. He notices when you’re not yourself. 

If your partner can always tell when you’re not in a good mood, it means he’s really paying attention. It shows that he cares about your well-being, but more than that, he knows you on a personal level. If he goes the extra mile to get you out of your funk and put a smile on your face, then he’s a true keeper.

6. He likes your interests (and introduces you to new ones). 

You guys don’t have to be into the same things per se. But if something lights a fire in your should he should want to know about it and explore it with you. He should be there to support your growth in following your dreams. Better than that he should want to introduce you to new interests that you can both share together.

7. He pushes you to be a better person. 

Your partner should inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Your relationship should force you to blossom and grow into the woman you are supposed to be. A good partner won’t be afraid to point out your flaws and tell you when you’re in the wrong – in the most loving way, of course. Your partner should want to build you up, not tear you down. They thrive on seeing you be successful and happy, and you should feel the same way when celebrating their accomplishments. You should both work towards helping each other achieve your goals. Of course, that doesn’t mean you support each other with blind eyes. 

8. You don’t feel the need to change him. 

All of these signs are a two-way street. You should be giving just as much love as you are receiving if this is going to last long term. If you’re always complaining about what you wish your partner was doing differently, or you’re forcing him into a role that doesn’t feel natural, then it may be a sign to call it quits. When your partner is a perfect fit, you won’t feel the need to change a single thing about them. You love them just the way they are. 

9. He accepts you at your worst and weirdest. 

If you feel completely comfortable with your man – meaning you can be a total mess or a complete weirdo – then you know you’ve found a partner for life. You need to be able to embrace and embody who you are around your soulmate. No one should spend the rest of their lives pretending to be something they are not. You shouldn’t feel like you have to walk on pins and needles around your partner. Rather, you should feel comfortable telling them anything. If your partner can’t handle you at your goofiest, or even more importantly, your lowest point, then it may be a sign the relationship isn’t as strong as you think.

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