Things He Is Reluctant To Admit To You, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Everyone has something they would rather keep to themselves, but when your partner keeps secrets that should be shared it can impact your relationship.


One of the biggest secrets an Aries man keeps from his partner is that he fears you will walk away from him. He is overwhelmed with the thought that one day you will leave him and end the relationship that he is desperate to have with you, what he doesn’t realize is that keeping that fear from you, is giving you the impression he has something more sinister to hide.


A Taurus man is terrified of getting hurt again, his heart was broken badly and he is already taking a risk trying to build a relationship with you. Don’t mistake this fear that he still loves her, it is the memories of how badly he was hurt that he is keeping secret, he has a wall up and whilst that remains it will be hard to build a relationship.


A Gemini man gets bored easily, it is one of their character traits and he will at times get bored with you, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but he misses the excitement that is found at the beginning of a relationship. The honeymoon period of a relationship is what they thrive on. He needs to grow up really and learn that life is not one long honeymoon.


A Cancer man has a ton of insecurities and he will do all he can to hide this from you, as he fears you will see this as a weakness in him. He will be telling himself that he is not good enough for you, so will keep a distance between you, that is far from helpful in building a relationship, you could see this barrier as him hiding something from you.


A Leo man builds this whole persona when you first meet him, but the truth is what you first see is not the real him. He is way more sensitive and vulnerable than you first believe, so when the fake persona starts to fall away you wonder who on earth this person is, and that is why he finds his relationships failing which feeds into his fears, he needs to quit acting and just be himself.


A Virgo man is a perfectionist and whilst he is doing all he can to convince you that all your imperfections don’t matter to him they do. So not only is he lying to you he is also lying to himself. He will try in subtle ways to ‘fix you’ which sadly dooms the whole relationship as no one is perfect and least of all him.


A Libra man has lived a troubled past, be that from a child or in previous relationships, or perhaps a combination of both, there is a trauma that haunts him and follows him around as he has yet to face the trauma, he needs to do the work on healing himself, but is scared to tell you as he fears you will leave him just everyone else has in the past.


A Scorpio man can be jealous and possessive of you almost to the point obsession and this makes for a creepy dangerous relationship if you can call it that. He wants to own you and he controls you by watching everything you do. He fears you leaving him or cheating so even if you haven’t, he sees you that way.


A Sagittarius man needs space, he is not cheating or doing something that he knows would upset you, he just needs personal space to breathe. He has trouble trying to put this into words to you that spending all the time with you makes him feel caged and trapped, so to keep you happy he does what you want, whilst he becomes miserable and detached.


A Capricorn man loves you with all he has, he would give up everything to make you happy except his ambitions to be a better man. He feels that if he is the best, he could be then he becomes the perfect man for you and himself. He knows if you fail to support him in his dreams that despite knowing it would hurt him to lose you, he will let go of you, as to him you are showing that you have no idea of who he is.


An Aquarius man is not keen on spending time with your family and friends, he finds it time-consuming and annoying as you two could be spending that time together, that in his mind is how you two should be spending your time, in truth, he finds your family and friends a pain in the ass. He won’t admit this unless pushed to do so and he also knows should you find this out you will have issues with this.


A Pisces man is quite needy and there are times he feels you are neglecting him; he will question whether you love him to himself and whether he should just find someone else who can give him the attention he needs. If he is told he is being needy he will just see that as you trying to get rid of him.