Things No Mature Woman Gives A F*ck About

As women grow they become tired, and they begin to care less for what people say. We realize that it’s just too much stress to worry about pleasing everyone.

Mature women around the world do not care about what others think. For them your standards do not matter. These mature ladies do not give a f*ck about these nine things.

1. What she wears

What she plans to wear is her decision. No one gets to have a say in it. She does not give a damn about current fashion or any of the latest trends. If she is comfortable, she will wear it.

2. What other people have to say about her

She does not care what opinion people hold for her. Instead for her this is the least concerning thing. If you dislike her, that is your issue, not hers.

3. Her sex life

She does not care about your opinion for her sex life. If she is sleeping with someone, it is none of your business. As an adult, that is her choice.

4. Being polite to people who don’t deserve it

She doesn’t put in time to care about people who do not deserve it. If you have an attitude problem, she will simply ignore you and stay happy in her life.

5. Having the “Perfect Body”

We all know a perfect body does not exist. To her what society thinks is not important. She is comfortable in whatever her body looks like.

6. Fitting in

You may think that being popular in school is important. She knows that life is different and not everyone will like her, nor do they have to. Life is much more than this. You want to stay in her life? Take her for who she is. If you don’t, you can leave because she cannot care less for such people.

7. Having Designer brands

Louis Vuitton is not the brand she will run after. Getting a pair of heels from high end brands so she can make an impression on people is not her thing. What she likes is what she buys. She will only buy something if it makes her comfortable. It may or may not be designer.

8. What her Ex is doing

Her ex is her ex for a reason. He is not in the picture and therefore she is not bothered by his existence. What he is up to doesn’t concern her. He can be enjoying a relationship for all she cares.

9. Not giving a F*ck

Before everything comes the fact, a mature will just not give a flying f*ck. Do not expect an apology from her. If she has left you, she will not come back to mend things. What is done is done. She has moved on. 

She will not waste her life on things that do not matter. She knows by now that she must not care about others and what others think. She knows her energy for things that are important.