This crafty woman upcycles old dollhouses into amazingly spooky mansions!!

Women are not all sugar and spice and everything nice. Some of us have found our happy places on the darker side of things. Recently thanks to a trend on TikTok Samantha Browning, a self-proclaimed lush addict who loves cats has started taking old children’s dollhouses and transforming them into super spooky haunted mansions that are incredibly detailed and downright beautiful!

After stumbling on some videos of other people transforming these houses Samantha had to give it a try. She decided to hit up Facebook marketplace, thrift stores, and other second-hand spots to find some old dollhouses she could doctor up herself. Needless to say, the project has been an incredible success.

Spray painting a whole dollhouse entirely black is a bold move, but it’s one that totally paid off. These things are absolutely perfect for the season that approaches. Halloween decorations that you will be sure to leave out all year long. The design of them is perfection, they’re just super modern and awesome. The detail doesn’t stop at the door though. Samantha went all out inside too. Filling the house with the most ornate, incredibly intricate details that are so impressive. It’s like nothing you can find anywhere else. These things are a work of art and we think there would be an amazing market for them if she decides to sell.