This Is The Right Man For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve all dated a man who turned out to be the wrong man for us.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find Mr Right at our first attempt, well we can dream, can’t we?

There’s no handbook sadly, but you could try looking into the Zodiac signs for some guidance.


You are an independent woman and you rely on your logical thinking which normally doesn’t fail you.

Your ideal man is someone who is intelligent and makes life interesting not just for himself but for you too.

You like a man who is challenging in his thinking and challenges your thinking too, you both need to be ambitious and are never the standing still watching the world go by types.


You are stubborn but you do commit to relationships with all you have.

Your ideal man is one who once he makes a decision, he sticks to it, you can’t stand flighty people.

You like a man who is fully invested in the relationship and shows interest in all you do, as you show interest in him, a true partnership.


You never seem to know what you want, you change your mind constantly.

Your ideal man will be one who keeps you grounded and encourages you to make a decision and stick to it.

He will be very direct with you, say what he thinks and feels, makes life fun and adventurous as you get bored very easily/.


You are a warm and sensitive woman, you give your all to relationships and you expect the same in return.

Your ideal man will make you the centre of his world and take good care of you, you are not easy to love due to your high expectations.

He will be a sensitive soul too, so watch your tone with him as you may find yourself easily upsetting your man.


You have the need for excitement and challenge in life, you love to flirt and be funny.

Your ideal man will need to be the same in their outlook in life. You have high expectations and the man you decide to be with will need to live up to those expectations.

He will need to motivate you to want to stay in the relationship.


You are a perfectionist and so organized you can at times become obsessive.

Your ideal man will need to be very patient with you and be willing to wait until you have finished any important task before you make time for him.

He will encourage you to open up to him in times of worry and will be a solid, supportive listener.


You have to analyse every little thing and you take forever to make a final decision.

Your ideal man will be supportive of you in with this trait and will be prepared to even sit with you and list pro’s and con’s if it helps give you peace of mind.

Be warned though its hard to keep a man who finds himself being analysed over the smallest little detail.


You are sexual and passionate, you rarely think things through you tend to jump in with both feet and hope you land safely.

Your ideal man will ground you, encourage you to think before you act, he will need to have a quick-thinking process when with you.

He will be of similar needs in the bedroom and just as creative or you will get bored of him very easily.


You are so active people wonder where you get all your energy from.

Your ideal man will need to keep pace with you on all things. He will have a quick witty personality and you love a little sarcasm between the two of you that most will find strange.

Be warned sometimes your humor hurts people, so if you want to keep him, be considerate of his feelings.


You work hard and are extremely disciplined, you have goals and ambitions and you are going to make them a reality come what may.

Your ideal man needs to be on the same wavelength, you can’t stand people who are lazy.

He will need to encourage you from time to time to stop and chill out, even if it’s the odd Netflix and chill night and we all know where they end up, so let him lead you astray every now and again, the work will still be there in the morning.


You love to socialize, you are the princess of attending events.

Your ideal man will be a prince charming who will sweep you off your feet and keep you dancing all night long.

He will love to show you off and you will thrive on being the centre of attention. He will be proud to call you his and won’t hold back on letting everyone know. Should another man approach you the alpha male will come out for all to see.


You know what you want in life and you are very creative about getting it.

Your ideal man needs to be creative himself, he will also not be afraid to show his feelings and be very romantic to you in public as well as in private.

He will be aware that you are at times vulnerable and he will protect you whilst you are in this mood, showing you how much he loves you.