This Is The Type Of Woman He Will Fall In Love With According To His Zodiac

All men have their ideal woman, perhaps it’s you, check out below to see if you match what he wants according to his zodiac sign.


The Aries man wants a feminine woman, she wears dresses, short skirts, has long hair and an amazing sense of humor.

Aries men adore strong sexy independent women, they see her as a challenge and go all out to win her heart.


The Taurus man wants a woman who is caring, loving and sympathetic to his needs.

She must be funny with a feminine touch and dress to impress as he wants beauty and style in her on show when out together.


The Gemini man wants a woman with a powerful mind, she must be highly intelligent and great fun to be around.

She must have creativity in bed as well as out to keep him interested, and if she has the same hobbies as him, even better.


The Cancer man wants a woman who shows innocence and takes good care of herself.

He wants to feel protective over her and at times has been known to treat his women as a project. She must be a forever woman for him to keep in interested.


The Leo man wants a woman who will be with him for life, his ideal partner is an Aquarius woman.

She must be good company, at times extrovert and fully confident in herself, Leo men find self-confidence very sexy and she will keep his interest peaked most days just by behaving that way.


The Virgo man loves to talk, communication is his forte, so his woman must be a good listener as much as a talker.

She must have similar interests but also be one to step out the box and make life fun for them both.


The Libra man wants an elegant woman.

She needs to keep things simple and be affectionate and loving. He can’t stand cold women so she must keep the fire going in the relationship, he enjoys a woman who can be intimate with him with no inhibitions.


The Scorpio man looks for deep sexual attraction in his ideal woman, Taurean women make great partners.

She needs to love him with all she has, he needs to feel a deep connection that even when apart he thinks of her. It’s a type of relationship most would be jealous of and wish they could have.


The Sagittarius man is sporting and adventurous, and his ideal woman must be the same.

She will be full of energy and will want to join him with all his adventures, even a trip to the gym is done as a pair and whilst there they will challenge each other as to who can excel the best.


The Capricorn man is spiritual and a philosopher, his ideal woman will need to be the same academic level as him to keep him interested.

She will be challenging with him and will keep him interested with long conversations well into the night, setting the world to rights, she may even challenge his viewpoints which will result in him stating his reasons why he is not interested in a ‘yes’ woman.


The Aquarius man wants a woman who thinks of others before herself.

She will be the glue in the relationship as he does tend to wander off if he gets bored. She will be loving and warm and more than a challenging sexual partner to keep things hot.


The Pisces man wants a generous, loving and openminded woman.

She needs to have equal standing and interests to keep him with her. He likes her sweet nature, but not too much. They will both be health food nuts and gym freaks together as they know feeding their bodies right, feeds their souls.